Klaus vom Hofe

Klaus vom Hofe

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Klaus vom Hofe, Corporate Blogger. Born 1967. Writing since he was given a Privileg typewriter as a gift in 1977. Other important stops on his journey before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2006: did the civilian service alternative to military service, dropped out of training as a physical therapist, successfully obtained a degree in Slavic and Journalism Studies, and amassed experience in internships, traineeships, agencies and freelancing – working on topics ranging from logistics and security, through drinks packaging, to mobile communications. A background as colorful as Deutsche Telekom, with one Leitmotif running through it: stories with and about people.

Articles by Klaus vom Hofe

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Bees and Sensors.


I fly at sensors

Hardly any device inspires creativity more than sensors - I claim in the blog. For a simpler and better everyday life for people.

Deutsche Telekom's "Customer Café.


Deutsche Telekom products: Customers participate in the development

DT is working on many new devices and services for consumers. Consumers have a seat at the table during development. Their opinions are incorporated into new ideas and products.

A coveted prize and only for women: A glass trophy and 3,000 euros for the best STEM thesis.


Do we need a techie prize for women?

Anastasia Zhukova developed an AI application that scans media reports for bias, to help expose manipulative intent. For her thesis she has won the top prize in the Women's STEM Award 2019 competition.

Information sign for customers at the Telekom Shops.


Corona: Telekom Shops temporarily closed

Deutsche Telekom is closing its shops in Germany. This applies from March 18 until further notice.

Soon it is said: Clear the stage for MagentaGaming!


We can play gaming

Our MagentaGaming will be a part of Gamescom games fair. With video games from the cloud, Deutsche Telekom combines network, software and innovative power for customers.