René Bresgen

René Bresgen

Spokesperson, Corporate Blogger

René Bresgen, born in 1967, studied sports science and communications science. After his studies, he worked as a radio and TV journalist. Communication is his "thing". He has a special passion for multimedia communication on brands, marketing, and sponsoring communications presenting material in lively ways, to broad audiences.

Articles by René Bresgen

Your choice

Telekom stands for digital participation, all people should be #TAKEPART.


Telekom launches #DABEI campaign

#DABEI is the central message of Deutsche Telekom's brand-new campaign to increase digital participation.

Telekom will be showing Rock am Ring on its MagentaMusik 360 as a free 360-degree live stream.


Deutsche Telekom to air Rock am Ring on MagentaMusik 360

Telekom will be showing the music festival Rock am Ring from June 1 to 3 on its MagentaMusik 360 as a free 360-degree live stream.



#TAKEPART with 5G –Telekom launches campaign

To head into the digital future at 5G speeds. Deutsche Telekom is stepping up efforts to introduce the new mobile communications technology and is kick-starting a wide-ranging communications campaign.

Telekom is showing Europe’s biggest hip-hop festival live at MagentaMusik 360.


Hip-hop festival live at MagentaMusik 360

An absolute must-see for fans of the hip-hop scene. Now for the very first time, Telekom is showing a big selection of shows from openair Frauenfeld as live streams at MagentaMusik 360.

Sea Hero Quest


Deutsche Telekom launches revolutionary virtual reality game that aids dementia research

With Sea Hero Quest VR, Deutsche Telekom continues to push technological boundaries by introducing the world’s first consumer focused Virtual Reality game, where anyone can help scientists fight dementia.