Michaela Kühn

Michaela Kühn

Editor, Corporate Blogger

As somebody who came from a technology department, Michaela has landed in corporate communications. Here she has discovered her heart for the online world. Now she focuses on topics related to the digital economy and is particularly interested in digital education and schools.

Articles by Michaela Kühn

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5G at Digital X


5G – The door-opener to digitalization

What are the next steps on the way to this new infrastructure? The next 5G summit is the grand finale of DIGITAL X 2019 in Cologne.

Einlagung InstaWalk


First Deutsche Telekom InstaWalk

Behind the scenes of Deutsche Telekom: On May 18, we will open the headquarters’ doors in Bonn for an InstaWalk.

Digital X – Digital Edition


Corona as a catalyst for digitization

The launch of the Digital X - Digital Edition on 19 May 2020 was a complete success. For companies and society, digitization is a pillar of support during the crisis.

Digital X


Digital X in Cologne

The three founding fathers of the digital revolution on stage at Digital X: Sir Richard Branson, Jimmy Wales and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Talk at Digital X – Digital Edition


Digital X promotes entrepreneurial spirit

Top-class speakers from politics and business encourage more entrepreneurial spirit in SMEs at the digital event despite Corona.