Michaela Kühn

Michaela Kühn

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As somebody who came from a technology department, Michaela has landed in corporate communications. Here she has discovered her heart for the online world. Now she focuses on topics related to the digital economy.

Articles by Michaela Kühn

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Woman with shopping bag opens supermarket door with access card.


The digital corner shop

Flexible shopping around the clock. The start-up myEnso operates 24/7 supermarkets, known as Tante Enso stores. The Tante Enso stores are located in villages and rural communities.

Klaus Werner


Change in the Management Board of Telekom Deutschland

Klaus Werner (55) will take over responsibility as Managing Director Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland on October 14, 2023.

Portrait photo of Maximilian Ahrens with logo of Digital X.


Everything is connected - people, things, technologies

At Digital X, Deutsche Telekom presents the megatrend Connected Business. Maximilian Ahrens, responsible for T Digital at Deutsche Telekom, explains what's behind it.

Interview situation: woman with brunette hair from behind and Benjamin Springub from the front.


Sustainability for companies - from freestyle to duty

A spirit of optimism is sweeping through companies. Because sustainability is more than just a fig leaf.

Hand holds plant. Around are symbols for among others CO2, Net zero, E-car.


No sustainability - No business success

What do we at Deutsche Telekom mean by sustainability? What influence do our actions have on our business customers? And how can we support companies?