As a press officer at Deutsche Telekom, Alexia mainly dealt with all topics related to cybersecurity.

Articles by Alexia Sailer

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View of the New Factory Campus


This is the factory’s future

T-Systems is now showing what crisis-proof factories could look like in the future: With the "New Factory Campus".

Digital written without a T


T-Systems starts digitization campaign

Everything is new: advertising campaign, brand claim, website, image film. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems starts the autumn with a repositioning of the brand.

Smartphone Recycling


World Environment Day 2018: Smartphones – too valuable to be thrown out!

Using cell phones properly helps reduce pollution.

Smartphone Recycling


Clear out your drawers

Today is World Environment Day – a good reason to put climate change and the islands of plastic waste floating in our oceans on the back burner for a minute and take a look at a beloved toy instead: the smartphone. After all, using these devices properly...



One SOC fits all

Digitization has a huge impact on the security of businesses. Deutsche Telekom reacts with a new defense center - to visit at the Hannover Messe.