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Rainer Knirsch

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Rainer started his career as a reporter; with block, pen and camera in the west and east of Germany. Today, Rainer speaks and writes about company networks as well as exciting projects regarding telecommunication and public authorities – for example health or cyber security.

Articles by Rainer Knirsch

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Brandenburg's government administration to get Deutsche Telekom's high-speed network

Brandenburg has placed a long term major, eight-figure telecommunications order with T-Systems. The contract was signed for five years, with an optional extension to eight years. Administration sites can be connected up to ten times more bandwidth.

Cyber Security Cluster Bonn


“Cyber wise men” aim to advise government, industry, and the public on security issues

By setting up an association, the City of Bonn is bolstering its significance as a location focusing on the issue of security. Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V. brings together under a single roof all the security institutions located in the region.

Single Sign-On


Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone agree to introduce Mobile Connect – a convenient, secure system for user login via mobile phone number

Today, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland and Vodafone Deutschland agreed to offer their customers the GSMA Mobile Connect service, via which users can access their online accounts conveniently and securely.

CSS 2018


CSS18: Cyberattacks must be fought like epidemics

The Cybersecurity Summit (CSS) will take place on May 29. This year's summit location is Tallinn, Estonia's capital. Deutsche Telekom calls for an early warning and coordination system, based on the model of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cyber security


Telekom presents current figures on cyber security

Deutsche Telekom is drawing attention to the growing dangers posed by hackers. At the beginning of April the Group had 46 million daily attacks on its honeypots. This is a new record. The number of attacks is rising exponentially