Philipp Kornstädt

Philipp Kornstädt

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

Since 2009, Philipp Kornstädt has focused primarily on the U.S. telecommunications market and, in the last four years, also on the group's technology and innovation topics. He is particularly interested in anything that flies.

Articles by Philipp Kornstädt

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Radio site powered by wind and solar power


Sustainable radio site

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson partner to drive sustainable 5G radio site operations.

City Airbus above Munich


Together for the Air Mobility Initiative

Leading companies, universities, research institutions, communities and organizations have joined forces to form the Air Mobility Initiative to advance the development of electric air transportation.

Logos der Deutschen Telekom und GenCell


Carbon-free Energy for Mobile Sites

Deutsche Telekom and GenCell Energy Advance Innovation Collaboration towards Carbon-free Energy Production for Mobile Sites.


Deutsche Telekom relies on Kubernetes

Deutsche Telekom rolls out 5G on Kubernetes with Weaveworks.

Consortium establishes new Open Lab "i14y".


Consortium establishes Open Lab i14y

The Berlin-based Open Lab i14y receives €17 million in funding from the BMVI for its launch.