Sabine Schmidt

Sabine Schmidt

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Sabine has been working in Corporate Communications at Deutsche Telekom since 1999. In her time at the company so far, she has dealt with communication campaigns on a huge range of topics. Her current focus is products and services aimed at consumers.

Articles by Sabine Schmidt

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Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel prize winner


Five facts about the IFA trade show

What does Einstein have to do with IFA? If you’re shrugging your shoulders, then come with us and delve into the trade show’s past.

The IoT solution "Check Cloud" digitizes quality and hygiene controls and documents their results.


Smart gastronomy

Chefs get help from the Internet of Things. The “Check Cloud” solution digitizes quality controls in commercial kitchens and documents their results. Seamlessly and in real time.

Image tablet


The Internet of Things: Deutsche Telekom digitizes test processes

“Goods Compliance” makes handwritten test logs a thing of the past. This bundle from the Internet of Things digitizes test processes in real time and documents their results.

Frau mit Hund


Intelligent solutions for everyday use

At IFA, Deutsche Telekom will be showcasing smart consumer solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) under the banner of Magenta Connected Life.