Thorben Stange

Thorben Stange

Corporate Blogger

Thorben Stange, born in ‘92, studied business administration at Deutsche Telekom. He might have ended up at Corporate Communications just because he likes to talk - often and a lot.  In the meantime, he has moved to the technology department where he is responsible for communication. His first steps in social media he took – besides the private use – when taking care of the community management for Deutsche Telekom AG's Facebook account. In his role as corporate blogger, he will focus on Deutsche Telekom’s technology in his blogs. If somebody who studied business administration is able to understand these topics, possibly other interested parties will be able to do so, as well ;-)

Articles by Thorben Stange

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Surfing fast and secure with CONNECT App

The dream of always enjoying the best connection, whether via WiFi or the mobile network. As of the end of November, the CONNECT app will make this dream a reality for DT customers across Germany.

Sea Hero Quest Screenshots


Gaming with Sea Hero Quest to support Alzheimer research

More than half a million players from above 100 nations, media coverage from US through Europe to Asia – the game Sea Hero Quest and the idea of playfully supporting Alzheimer research gain supporters all around the world. It seems like Telekom and its...