Anne Geelen

Anne Geelen


At Corporate Communications, Anne is dealing with technology and innovation topics as for example 5G, autonomous driving or the European Aviation Network.

At the beginning of her career she studied physics. With her diploma in pocket, Anne started her career at the former T-Mobil-net GmbH in 1995. Following several stages within the Group, she entered Corporate Communications in 2008.  There, technology topics captured her interest, and they continue to fascinate her. Every day there are many exciting stories that want to be told ...

Articles by Anne Geelen

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Deutsche Telekom builds 870 kilometers of fiber for the customer

DFS, the German air navigation service provider, is modernising its communications network: Control centres, towers, radio and radar facilities will exchange information via optical fibres in future.

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DT to build the 5G factory of the future

Deutsche Telekom to equip Center Connected Industry (CCI) with a Campus Network and build a research platform for the factory of the future.

Neues Telekom Campus-Netz funkt in Leipzig


New Telekom Campus Network on air in Leipzig

Deutsche Telekom put a campus network into operation on behalf of the BMW Group Leipzig plant.

First end-to-end 5G data transmission in two network slices.


World’s first end-to-end 5G data transmission in two network slices

Based on a multi-vendor platform of Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm.

"5Germany": Deutsche Telekom in 5G dialogue with the business community


"5Germany": Deutsche Telekom and business community talking 5G

Today, Friday, the user conference “5Germany” takes place in Berlin. Numerous board members of large and medium-sized companies discuss the industrial requirements of 5G.