Christian Habel

Chris Habel

Corporate Blogger

The Berlin-born and enthusiastic gamer Chris spent the last ten years at T-Mobile Austria in Vienna, where he was primarily responsible for the corporate social media channels. In April 2018, he has moved to the Telekom headquarters in Bonn and deals with social media and additionally with topics in the field of technology and innovation, especially with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

Articles by Chris Habel

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A vehicle equipped with 360° cameras and laser scanners captures environmental details.


AI assists in fiber roll-out

Software with artificial intelligence calculates the optimal routes for a faster roll-out.



From the house of horrors in a swamp to a friendly sundeck

As a die-hard gamer since my earliest youth, nowhere else has technological progress had a more profound impact on me than in the world of computer games - not only cause of Virtual Reality.

Image montage with MagentaGaming platform on different devices


Telekom launches MagentaGaming

MagentaGaming cloud gaming service. With video games from the cloud, Deutsche Telekom combines network, software and innovation for customers.