Kathrin Langkamp

Kathrin Langkamp

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At the beginning of her Italian-German studies, Kathrin Langkamp never thought that her professional dolce vita would be magenta. An internship was then the deciding factor for her to continue life on the Rhine and not on the Arno. Since then, she has been involved in communication for over a decade - and that's how it should stay. Kathrin writes about T-Systems topics and focuses on B2B communication.

Articles by Kathrin Langkamp

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5Gmmwaves für Industriekunden


From the lab to the factories

Deutsche Telekom offers 5G mmWave for industrial customers in Germany.

Artificial Intelligence – T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies.


Artificial Intelligence

T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies.

Omniverse Manufactoring


T-Systems announces Digital Twin Offering, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

DevOps, data intelligence and consulting services will also be provided.

One of the World's largest Data collection to observe our planet.


New Data Space services for observing our planet  

The European Space Agency (ESA), T-Systems and their partners launch new services on the Copernicus Data Space in September 2023.

Biere data center.


T-Systems data center Biere

The European Commission has presented the T-Systems data center in Biere near Magdeburg with the European Code of Conduct Award.