Leonard Dahmen

Leonard Dahmen

Telekom Blogger

Leonard Dahmen shoots videos and takes photos for Deutsche Telekom frequently. Here he writes about technology. For example, the 5G roll-out. Starting in 2013, he studied communication science. Followed by strategic communication. In between: Internships at Volkswagen, Audi and in the field of radio journalism. He has discovered the T in 2019 and stayed since then.

Articles by Leonard Dahmen

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Vehicle is driving in city traffic while pedestrians and other traffic participants are on the move.


Remote-controlled driving with 5G

Premiere at Digital X: teleoperated car of MIRA GmbH drives for the first time in public in front of an audience.

Live via 5G: Journalist Frauke Holzmeier interviews Claudia Nemat and Stephan Schmitter for ntv.


Live TV with 5G Network Slicing

For the first time, Deutsche Telekom and RTL Deutschland have broadcasted live TV content via the 5G standalone network of Deutsche Telekom.

Telekom uses 700 MHz frequency for 5G for the first time.


5G on 700 MHz

Telekom is now using a new frequency in its 5G network: 700 megahertz (MHz). With this, Telekom is improving mobile communications coverage in rural areas.

5G antenna


5,000 antennas available for high-speed 5G

Deutsche Telekom is accelerating its 5G rollout: More than 5,000 antennas are now part of Telekom's high-speed 5G network.

TV journalist reporting live via 5G


5G Standalone simplifies TV productions

In the future, journalists will be able to broadcast live TV reports via 5G standalone.