Nadja Kirchhof

Corporate Blogger

While majoring in geography, Nadja dipped her toe in media work – and has immersed it there ever since. Following an internship at an international PR network, she turned her attention to brand PR. She then ventured into science marketing. Since 2013, she has been involved in corporate communications that focus on developments involving the Internet of Things, the cloud and sponsoring.

Articles by Nadja Kirchhof

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Real or fake: how to test your judgment

Real or fake? Test your online skills! We recommend five quizzes and online tools that sharpen your judgment against half-truths and fake news. For adults and young people, playful or factual.



Countering hate speech on the Internet with "Bot Dog

The spread of hate comments via so-called bots is increasing. "Bot Dog" tracks them down.



Lichterkette e.V. makes its mark on the web with #menschdeutschland

On 6 December 1992, over 400,000 people demonstrated against xenophobia and right-wing radicalism. On the 30th anniversary, the association is also making a statement online.

Teacher Emma Martin


Emotional Telekom Christmas message

On 27 November, Deutsche Telekom launches its Christmas campaign “How are You?” starts in Germany.

20210510 Gaming und Hass


Using science and AI to track patterns of digital hate

The organisation Das NETTZ has been campaigning against hate speech for five years. New methods of data analysis are doing a good job.