Nadja Kirchhof

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

While majoring in geography, Nadja dipped her toe in media work – and has immersed it there ever since. Following an internship at an international PR network, she turned her attention to brand PR. She then ventured into science marketing. Since 2013, she has been involved in corporate communications that focus on developments involving the Internet of Things, the cloud and sponsoring.

Articles by Nadja Kirchhof

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FIFA Fairplay Guide: 10 principles for a fair game. 

The FIFA Fairplay Guide from Deutsche Telekom AG and the esports player foundation: Ten principles for a safe, fair and inclusive game.

STOP-HATE: Can offender training protect victims?


STOP-HATE: Can offender training protect victims?

Hate crime on the web is part of everyday life. We spoke with the founders of STOP-HATE about how they want to work with perpetrators to end the spiral of violence.

Erster Twitch-Stream in der Telekom Zentrale in Bonn


Telekom and esports player foundation initiate FIFA Fairplay Guide

Many gamers perceive the FIFA video game community as toxic. Standards for fairness and sportsmanship are intended to ensure more fairness and sportsmanship in gaming and esports.

Image IoT


IoT everywhere: Deutsche Telekom integrates satellite services into its global network of networks

IoT connectivity from space: With Intelsat and Skylo, Telekom wins two renowned providers for satellite connectivity. In the future, companies will be able to communicate securely and stably with their IoT devices across oceans and continents. For a...

Deutsche Telekom at the MWC


Deutsche Telekom at MWC 2023

"Giving technology a heartbeat": with this motto, Telekom is underpinning its claim and commitment to shaping our future productively and sustainably at the MWC, with the help of the latest technologies and innovations.