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Philipp Blank

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Philipp Blank, born in 77, is a trained journalist (Cologne school) and an economist who wanted to improve the world. It came to nothing and that is why he is now a spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom, which is terrific, too. He is specialized on the topic for discussion about regulation and is looking forward to a balanced and factual discussions online. Oh, and he is also taking care of the topics data protection, law, compliance and IT security. So anyone who smells a scandal, Philipp is exactly the person to get in touch with.

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Deutsche Telekom and EWE are teaming up to provide faster connections


More choices for faster Internet in northwest Germany 

Deutsche Telekom and EWE are teaming up to provide faster connections in Germany's northwest.

DT Fiber to the Home 2017


Fiber to the home: Deutsche Telekom pushes build-out

Deutsche Telekom tests new marketing strategy for fiber-optic lines.

Joint forces for fiber: EWE Board Member Michael Heidkamp (left) and Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges.


EWE and Deutsche Telekom cooperate on fiber expansion

A major step toward the gigabit society is being taken in Germany's northwest: Deutsche Telekom and EWE are planning to expand the region's fiber-optic network.


Deutsche Telekom teams up with city network operators

Deutsche Telekom plans to utilize the fiber infrastructure of five city network operators in southern Germany to cover 125,000 households with ultrafast lines.