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Deutsche Telekom's EntertainTV represents the entertainment experience of the future. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is the new generation of television, and 2.7 million enthusiastic Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany already enjoy the benefits of this innovative technology.

Live TV and video-on-demand offerings from a single source – EntertainTV delivers a wide variety of programs in HD quality, and much more.

More than just TV viewing
Today an enormous range of content can be delivered for consumption on all kinds of receivers at any time. Viewers are the ones who decide when and where they want to watch their programs. Rigid TV schedules are a thing of the past, and today's media consumers enjoy unparalleled freedom of choice. This "future-centric television" offers users a vast range of program content and additional functions that extend far beyond the pure viewing experience.

The response to changing viewing habits
Deutsche Telekom launched Entertain ten years ago, and the new EntertainTV solution is Telekom's response to dynamically changing viewing habits. EntertainTV is the viewer's companion in the world of digital entertainment, and its intuitive user interface and intelligent search function support convenient navigation through all available media libraries and on-demand content. Whether it's live TV, media libraries or other video-on-demand options – the new platform from Germany's IPTV market leader combines all of the content available. Unique functions such as "Restart" are reshaping the way people watch television. Just a click is all that is needed to relaunch programs that are already being broadcast.

EntertainTV is available almost everywhere in Germany
Due to the massive data volumes that are involved in TV broadcasting, classic IPTV solutions require channels that can carry 16 Mbit/s. For those households wishing to combine digital satellite reception with optional interactive functions, Deutsche Telekom still offers Entertain Sat. Thus more than 75 percent of the households in Germany can receive EntertainTV. Thanks to a massive broadband expansion program for fixed-line and mobile networks, Deutsche Telekom has contributed to the growth of new programming that is available at home or on the go.

The media receiver is multitalented
The media receiver is the essential component that connects Internet lines with television receiving devices. The new MR 400 is equipped with a 500 GB hard disk. Thus viewers can record up to 300 hours of television programming, depending on whether they are using HD or SD. It also has three times more processing power, plus a USB port, which lets users view their own photos or listen to their favorite music with the TV receiver. The optimized size of the media receiver adds to overall ease of use: it is 40 percent smaller than the previous model. Another plus is the well-organized and ergonomic remote control with raised input keys. In addition, viewers can enjoy watching EntertainTV on a second TV in the bedroom or children's room by plugging in an additional MR 200 receiver. This device can also be used to watch recordings made with the main receiver.