EntertainTV brings a new dimension in fun to screens

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Linear TV programming just isn’t good enough any more. Viewing habits have changed and viewers have become more demanding, wanting to decide for themselves what they watch, when and where.

When using EntertainTV, viewers determine what is on – and on what screen. Convenience, an intelligent search function and the best picture quality make for a perfect entertainment experience. As IFA 2016 gets under way, Deutsche Telekom is offering existing and new customers an attractive add-on feature and a first-class offer for those newly joining the world of EntertainTV.

A guide through the world of digital entertainment
Prime time all the time – whether the Saturday evening film starts at 8:15 p.m. on the dot or only after the kids’ bedtime story is up to viewers to decide. After all, EntertainTV adapts to viewers’ specific needs, allowing them to watch movies and TV series whenever they want. And, while watching a favorite program, viewers can also record another broadcast in the background at the same time. They are guaranteed to miss nothing.

New functions – new freedoms
Viewers switching on their Sunday evening crime show five minutes into the broadcast no longer have to scratch their head and wonder what is going on. All they have to do is hit the new “Restart” button and they can watch lots of programs that are already in progress right from the start, at any time. The “Timeshift” feature also allows viewers to pause live shows briefly and then start them again later on with just one click. The “7-Day Replay” function, meanwhile, ensures that EntertainTV users can scroll up to a week back in the program guide to watch select programs.

Record and enjoy
Viewers who don’t want to miss their favorite programs under any circumstances just have to program the new MR 400 media receiver. Up to 300 hours of programs can be recorded and enjoyed thanks to the 500 GB hard disk – plenty of storage space for a lot of relaxing evenings in front of the television. What’s more, the new media receiver also has three times more processing power than the previous model, plus a USB port. Viewers can press the EPG button to check out which programs are available. This enables them to put together their own TV schedule and record their favorite programs. Documentary, soap, sport, cartoon or movie? Consumers decide! A particular highlight for all series junkies is that they can tag whole series for recording with just one click, making sure they never miss an episode.

EntertainTV more attractive than ever
To mark the start of IFA on September 2, 2016, Deutsche Telekom is making the best television package even more flexible. MagentaEINS customers can now browse all programs while out and about. EntertainTV mobil is included in their package and available any time, any place – on up to four terminal devices. As of now, new broadband and MagentaEINS customers can experience top-class entertainment courtesy of the biggest HD selection and the widest variety of channels for free. They can trial EntertainTV for the entire duration of their contract – i.e. 24 months – at no extra cost. The range of viewing options on offer is even bigger thanks to the inclusion of the archives of RTL and ARTE and new apps and features. Current and new EntertainTV customers can also book a three-month trial subscription to BIG TV and HD Start for free.