Europe, we’ve got you covered

The European Aviation Network (EAN) is the world’s first integrated S-band satellite and complementary LTE-based terrestrial network across Europe that will bring unprecedented passenger connectivity to the aviation industry. It will allow for high-speed internet access on European flights: Passengers can use their personal devices for internet browsing, video streaming, gaming and other online services, with unmatched high capacity, low-latency performance. The EAN consists of two main components, the MSS satellite from Inmarsat, which covers Europe and the surrounding oceanic regions, and the complementary ground component of Deutsche Telekom, which provides the required capacity in areas with extensive air traffic. Since the initial announcement of EAN in September 2015, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have made steady progress and are on track to deliver the ground component of the project, with the on-schedule rollout of the approximately 300 antenna sites and connecting the network live over-the-air. In parallel, Inmarsat and Thales are advancing with implementing the satellite communication for EAN, having launched the S-band satellite at the end of June 2017. The EAN will be rolled out from the end of 2017 onwards, helping to position Europe at the global forefront of passenger connectivity innovation.