More than just tedious figures. Interesting facts about the people at Deutsche Telekom.

People at Deutsche Telekom. Their recruitment, development, satisfaction, individuality and the value created by their work. These are all aspects of Human Resources work at Deutsche Telekom. Various stakeholders inside and outside the Group would like to know how we bring these topics to life, what targets we set ourselves and what progress we are making in our efforts to reach them.

We therefore publish our HR Report on an annual basis – now for the second time in the new HR Factbook format. In this age of information overload, our object is to present a transparent overview of our key figures, showing, for instance, the profile of a typical Deutsche Telekom employee with short, concise explanations to accompany all the diagrams.
We hope that the HR Factbook will provide transparency and comparability of our key human resources figures. The essential results in 2015 included:

  • Headcount in the U.S. segment grew by 11.5 percent
  • Total workforce costs (TWC) increased, after a constant level for four years, by 7.1 percent to 16.5 billion euros.
  • Accidents at work and on the way to or from work were already low and dropped again to 7 per 1,000 employees (FTE).
  • New record: Deutsche Telekom saved 146.5 million euros thanks to ideas supplied by its employees
  • Employee satisfaction remained at a good level of 71 percent of all employees
  • 11,900 new people were recruited in the Group (21.8 percent of them junior staff taken on after having completed in-house training)

Have we sparked your interest?
You will find more fascinating facts here – in the new
HR Factbook 2015 (pdf, 2.6 MB).

The first HR Factbook and all HR reports are available in our archive.