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Telekom Design Gallery unveils MOVE for smarter urban living

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A dedicated space to explore the future of mobility and life in a connected city.


Most of us understand by now what it means when the word “smart” is affixed to any common piece of technology — it entails a serious upgrade, most likely with internet connectivity, as well as the ability to process huge amounts of data. The jump from a regular telephone to a smartphone is one of the most obvious examples. One is a useful tool for one-on-one communication. The other an indispensable and fully connected part of modern life.

Now, if that’s what smart technology can do to a phone, imagine what it can do to an entire city. It’s this dream — of giving our huge urban areas a technological upgrade — that’s being pursued by research teams around the globe.

“Deutsche Telekom has also looked at its role in designing the future of smart urban living and wants to be a major source of innovation for the City of the Future,” says Dr. Stefan Kohn, Vice President Telekom Design Gallery.

Part of Deutsche Telekom’s innovation group, the Telekom Design Gallery has been driving this goal by bringing together several internal and external experts to sketch out their visions of a City of the Future. Based on these visions – as well as additional research and expert opinions – the most relevant trends have been condensed to develop a holistic picture called MOVE, which now forms part of the Telekom Design Gallery.

“MOVE is designed to enlighten and inspire more innovation in the area of smart city living – evolving todays cities into fully connected ‘organisms’ that serve the needs of their citizens,” says Kohn. MOVE displays what a typical day in the City of the Future might look like. It shows connected Home features, mobility, retail cases as well as connected work and innovative next steps.

One of the exhibits at the Telekom Design Gallery is a comprehensive smart mobility concept, where the urban area adapts itself to human needs and interacts with its residents. Visitors can observe AI-controlled, low-emission public transport, an interactive house wall, as well as “green” (i.e. sustainable) supply and disposal of goods and resources. More information regarding the Telekom Design Gallery and MOVE can be found here.

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