5G: Partnership bears fruit

  • Collaboration between Deutsche Telekom AG and 5G Lab Germany (Dresden University of Technology) is set to intensify
  • Initial research results already being integrated into Deutsche Telekom products
  • Special focus on network programming and minimum possible latency
Frank Fitzek (on the left side) and Bruno Jacobfeuerborn discussing plans for 2017

Frank Fitzek (on the left side) and Bruno Jacobfeuerborn discussing plans for 2017

Deutsche Telekom AG and 5G Lab Germany of the Dresden University of Technology look back positively upon completing a year of collaboration. The collaboration between the excellence university and the industry partner already bears fruit. A clear indication of this is that the initial research results are already being integrated into the further development of Deutsche Telekom products like the IPTV platform EntertainTV. 
"The initial phase of getting to know each other did not take long. Instead, we quickly began interacting and exchanging know-how on a more frequent basis and, before you knew it, we brought 5G Lab Germany on board for key projects. This was certainly a good decision because the development and research on 5G is entering a critical phase," explains Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO at Deutsche Telekom AG.
"We are very grateful for the support from Deutsche Telekom. We have a partner who is encouraging and supportive and, at the same time, also demanding with the aim of making 5G the key technology that we all aspire for in Germany. We have an exciting period ahead of us and we are eagerly looking forward to it," says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Frank Fitzek, 5G Lab Germany and holder of the Deutsche Telekom Chair for Communication Networks.

The collaboration focuses particularly on network coding (programmable networks) and low-latency communication (5G Mobile Edge Cloud). At IFA 2016, the world's leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances, the significance of this field, for instance the advantages of low latency in online gaming, was demonstrated impressively by the 5G Lab Germany team at the Deutsche Telekom booth. At the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona too, 5G Lab Germany will accompany their industry partner.

Latency plays a crucial role, for instance in research on the digital test field along the A9 freeway in southern Germany. The lower the latency, the earlier the warning for man and machine against hazards, which will make driving in the future safer. In this project too, apart from workshops on network coding, Deutsche Telekom is working closely with the research team from Dresden. And in 2017, this collaboration is set to intensify at all levels.

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