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On holiday with 5G: Telekom offers 5G roaming in 60 countries

  • High speed surfing available abroad
  • Telekom establishes global 5G network with over 120 international partners 
  • 80 million people in Germany can use 5G from Telekom
5G roaming in 60 countries: Surfing at high speed even on vacation.

5G roaming in 60 countries: Surfing at high speed even on vacation. © Deutsche Telekom / iStock / anyaberkut

Holiday time is travel time. This week, the nationwide summer holiday season starts in North Rhine-Westphalia – and with it the main travel season for Germans. Thanks to roaming, Telekom customers won’t miss out on 5G surfing and streaming while on holiday: From Canada to Australia, whether under palm trees on the Maldives or hiking through the natural landscapes of Iceland – the fastest mobile communications standard is also available abroad. Telekom has now concluded partner agreements with over 120 telecommunications companies in 60 countries. Since summer 2022, the number of 5G partners has doubled. These include countries with national companies of Deutsche Telekom such as Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Greece, Austria and the USA. But also in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada or Turkey, travel enthusiasts can surf, stream or share beach selfies with friends and family.

No extra charge: 5G roaming in the EU

With their German SIM card, Telekom customers can surf the 5G network of partner companies within the EU, including the UK and Switzerland, at no additional charge. In addition to a 5G-capable smartphone, the prerequisite for this is that 5G is technically available in the foreign partner network. Travelers continue to use their tariff at the same conditions as in Germany. This also applies to making calls and sending text messages. 

Full cost control: surfing and phoning worldwide

For travel outside the EU, Telekom offers Travel Mobil options that can be booked in advance. The Travel Mobil basic packages, for example, can be booked from € 14.95 for one month. This includes 1 GB for mobile internet use. Where possible, of course, always on the 5G network. In addition, the subsequent prices after using up the budgets for telephony (60 minutes) and SMS (100 messages) are significantly cheaper than without the option. The basic package is worthwhile outside the EU from as little as 11 minutes of telephony.

Best 5G network for holidays in Germany

For all those who are not drawn to faraway places, Telekom also offers the best 5G network quality for holidays at home: Across Germany, around 80 million people can already use Telekom's 5G network – this corresponds to over 95 percent of the population. To this end, the company has equipped a total of around 25,000 mobile network sites with 5G or built new ones since the introduction of the new mobile communications generation. More than 9,000 antennas in over 700 cities and communities are transmitting with the fastest 5G on the 3.6 GHz frequency – with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. With its 5G roll-out, Deutsche Telekom is not only the leading German 5G network operator, it is also among the leaders in Europe.

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