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Artificial Intelligence: T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies

  • Consulting services can be booked in S, M or L formats depending on the company's maturity level
  • End-to-end approach enables companies to embrace the entire spectrum of AI 
  • Offerings are part of the "Rethink the System" campaign on artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence – T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies.

Artificial Intelligence – T-Systems offers strategy consulting for companies. © Bildnachweis: Deutsche Telekom/ GettyImages/metamorworks; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

The transition to an AI-enabled company requires comprehensive preparation, ranging from building a solid data foundation and setting up AI services, libraries and tools to a roadmap for use cases. T-Systems offers companies AI strategy consulting via its advisory subsidiary Detecon. Customers can choose from three service packages. The scope of the packages depends on the respective maturity level of the company. Strategy consulting aims to accelerate this journey for customers. Here, T-Systems offers end-to-end AI expertise: From concept to application. 

"AI transformation is more than just technology integration. It is a strategic shift that requires careful planning and implementation. We are here to accompany companies on this journey by providing solutions as well as comprehensive expertise across the entire AI value chain," emphasizes Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, CEO of T-Systems and Board Member Deutsche Telekom AG. 

To accompany customers on their way to becoming an AI-driven company, the first offers for strategy workshops are now available in the formats S, M or L. 

The offers at a glance

AI Strategy Sprint (~ 2 weeks)

  • Identification of business value: An introductory sprint into AI strategy and identification of immediate business value.
  • Analysis of industry-relevant use cases: Basic analysis of potential AI use cases, tailored to the industry.

AI strategy basics (~ 2 months)

  • In-depth workshops & recommendations: In-depth workshops and advice on AI strategy.
  • Detailed analysis & prioritization: Analysis and prioritization of AI use cases including feasibility studies.
  • Technology assessment: Data and technology assessment.
  • Training programs & change mgmt. Support.

AI Transformation Journey (~ 6 months)

  • Tailored AI Strategy: Tailored, long-term AI strategy development with advanced business value realization.
  • E2E support: Comprehensive support for complex AI use cases, design of comprehensive technology architecture and implementation support.
  • AI governance framework: Initial definition of the AI ethics committee and AI governance framework.

The workshops are part of the "Rethink the system" campaign focusing on AI. It calls for the potential of AI to be utilized in line with ethical standards and sustainable goals. Through a holistic, responsible approach, T-Systems strives to shape a future in which AI improves quality of life, increases efficiency and respects planetary resources. Human-centered AI means that the outcomes initiated by AI are always ultimately verified and controlled by humans.

More about the campaign and the offers here on the website.

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