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Cathay to launch new harmonized Wi-Fi portal with Deutsche Telekom

  • Consistent connectivity experience across all connected aircraft
  • Harmonized inflight connectivity solution for all connectivity vendors
  • Trusted Deutsche Telekom expertise: more than 10 years’ Inflight ISP experience 
Cathay to launch new harmonized Wi-Fi portal with Deutsche Telekom.

Cathay to launch new harmonized Wi-Fi portal with Deutsche Telekom.

Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong’s home carrier, has chosen Deutsche Telekom to develop and support its future Wi-Fi portal across the airline’s entire connected fleet. Deutsche Telekom’s solution will offer a unique harmonized passenger experience for all of Cathay’s connected aircraft, independent of the connectivity providers the airline is working with.  Passengers will benefit from a smooth and consistent interaction with the airline in-flight connectivity services. The single portal approach will allow Cathay Pacific to continuously launch new features harmonized over all platforms independent of the connectivity solution. 

Cathay’s fleet is already Wi-Fi-enabled on all of its Airbus A350 aircraft and the airline is progressively rolling out Wi-Fi on its Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft. 

“We are excited to partner with Cathay to bring their passengers a harmonized and well-coordinated connectivity experience,” says David Fox, Vice President Inflight & Connectivity Services at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “Our dedicated inflight connectivity solution is based on our feature-rich ISP core platform. It is designed to meet Cathay’s current as well as its future connectivity needs.”

Cathay Pacific General Manager Customer Experience & Design Vivian Lo said: “As a premier global airline group and Hong Kong’s home carrier, Cathay is committed to offering our customers a world-leading, premium experience at every stage of their journey.”

“In today’s highly connected world, providing a truly seamless and consistent Wi-Fi experience for our passengers is important to ensuring we are always delivering on that commitment. This new partnership with Deutsche Telekom provides us with a robust platform that offers the versatility and consistency necessary to meet the needs of both our airlines and our customers. Deutsche Telekom has proven to be a reliable partner offering strong support and high flexibility, and we look forward to working with them as we continue to enhance the Wi-Fi experience we provide to our passengers through this new portal.” 


The new harmonized solution will begin rolling out in Q4 2020 starting with the airline’s A350 fleet of aircraft followed by its 777s and A330s. For more information about the Deutsche Telekom Inflight Services, please visit

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group Profile

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