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Cell phone insurance: Fast assistance with express device replacement service

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  • Protection package for smartphones and tablets
  • Express device replacement on the following day
  • Shorter minimum contract terms for greater flexibility

HandyVersicherung M and HandyVersicherung L offer worldwide protection for smartphones and tablets.

Good news for all owners of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices: Deutsche Telekom now offers brand-new insurance plans in partnership with leading insurer Chubb. With shorter minimum contract terms and express device replacement for even more flexibility, customers can insure their mobile devices against damage and theft via the insurance options HandyVersicherung M and HandyVersicherung L. These new services from Deutsche Telekom further strengthen its position as a reliable security partner to customers.

Choose the package that’s right for you

Both HandyVersicherung M and HandyVersicherung L offer extensive protection for owners of all mobile devices that are available to purchase from Deutsche Telekom with immediate effect. The two packages offer worldwide coverage in the event of fall damage and breakage as well as damage caused by liquids and electronic damage. In addition, the insurance includes an extended warranty for Apple products from the 13th month onwards, while the express device replacement service gives customers a huge advantage over other insurance plans: If the damage is reported by 4:00 p.m., a replacement device will be delivered on the following working day. HandyVersicherung L goes even further to offer customers complete peace of mind. On top of the above services, the L rate plan also insures users against theft, burglary, and charges incurred using a stolen device.

Greater flexibility with new price classes and monthly termination option

All new customers further benefit from the new shorter minimum contract term, which has been brought down from 24 to just 12 months. Contracts can be canceled on a monthly basis from the 13th month onwards. The costs of the insurance packages are still based on the value of the insured device; however, they are now classed as follows: up to 600 euros, up to 1,000 euros, and up to 1,600 euros. The contracts cost between 6.95 euros and 14.95 euros a month depending on rate plan and device class and can be purchased with immediate effect in all Telekom Shops, by calling 2202 from mobile phones, or online at (German only).

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