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Compressed air system to the Internet of Things: Please repair

  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve customer service
  • Cloud of Things for rapid entry into the IoT
Petko cross-links its compressed air systems over the Telekom’s cloud of things.

Petko’s smart compressed air systems: The cloud of the things of the Telekom captures status data as temperatures, pressures, electricity photos|receptions or hours of operation © Petko GmbH

Petko GmbH uses Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things to monitor its compressed air systems in the Internet of Things (IoT for short). More than 800 customers in industry, trades, and the health care sector rely on compressed air systems from Petko. Apart from planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance, Petko customers will in future also benefit from faster troubleshooting. This, in turn, increases the availability of the compressors and compressed air preparation. 

Compressed air systems report automatically

Compressed air is used in numerous machines for drive and control functions. With Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things platform, Petko has an overview of all connected compressed air systems and associated components, such as compressors and dryers. This allows anomalies or errors to be detected faster. The compressed air systems automatically notify whether and which repairs are needed and provide a timely reminder of upcoming maintenance. Targeted programming helps highlight trends earlier. The Cloud of Things can display a change of state in the trend before faults can occur. On the basis of the recorded data, technicians at Petko can already pinpoint faults. All of which speeds up service assignments and saves time and money.

“We have a trusted partner at our side with Deutsche Telekom, which deals reliably with sensitive machinery data that is vital to our competitiveness and hosts this data in Germany in accordance with German data privacy law,” says Peter Kolbe, Managing Director of Petko GmbH. 

Monitor and optimize compressed air remotely

Petko connects its compressed air systems via bus interfaces or additional sensors. As part of this process, status data such as temperatures, pressures, current consumption figures, or operating hours are continuously transferred reliably in encrypted format to the Cloud of Things. Deutsche Telekom stores the data in data centers in Germany in accordance with German data privacy law. The Cloud of Things analyzes all data and visualizes it in Petko’s own portal in line with specific customer requirements. Using defined thresholds, alarms can be triggered for the Petko engineer. This enables irregularities or faults to be specifically remedied early on. In addition, the collected data can be used to determine the energy efficiency of the compressed air systems. This data helps optimize systems and make investment decisions.

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