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Deutsche Telekom and Lebara expand their exclusive collaboration

  • Faster internet access with the best network agreed for Lebara customers

Deutsche Telekom and Lebara Deutschland are expanding their long-standing and exclusive collaboration in the German mobile communications market. The new agreement secures even faster mobile internet access for Lebara customers, at the same low prices. This extends the companies’ previous, decade-long collaboration by a further three years. Olivier Sage, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Lebara group, says, “We are proud to continue our successful collaboration with Deutsche Telekom. It puts us in a position to offer our customers the best network possible for a long period of time. The demand for top telephony and data connections is still on the rise. With Telekom as our network partner, our customers will continue to surf using the biggest and most reliable network.

Verena Schmitz-Axe, Senior Vice President of Mobile Wholesale at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, says, “We are pleased to continue and expand on our strategic collaboration with Lebara in our network. We have been working closely with Lebara since its founding and target a segment in Germany that Telekom would not have been able to develop within its standard business. We appreciate that by this new agreement, we will continue to accommodate the target group of international mobile customers who mainly make international calls, on our top-class, advanced mobile network.

In close partnership with Telekom, Lebara has been able to make an important contribution to the development of the German telecommunications market in recent years. Since mid-July, Lebara has been offering the Flexi L Max rate plan – a high-performance rate for frequent callers, with 1,000 minutes for international calls at € 19.99/4 weeks. This minute bucket can either be used for phone calls within Germany or for international phone calls from Germany to over 50 countries. It gives these customers the greatest possible flexibility in calling while having access to the highest quality network in Germany.

About Lebara
Lebara is a worldwide partner for all people whose families, friends, and business partners are spread across the world. Lebara connects these people across borders, generations, and cultures. The company was founded in 2001 and has since evolved as a prominent telecommunication service provider in five European countries. Lebara’s products are easy to understand and are offered at reasonable prices. That's how Lebara customers can stay in contact with their families and friends abroad – never before has it been this easy or affordable.

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