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Deutsche Telekom and Samsung cooperate for a greener future

  • Deutsche Telekom and Samsung join forces to promote sustainability in the telco industry
  • Green 5G smartphone planned for the mass market
  • Circular economy, compensation and portfolio as further measures

Deutsche Telekom and Samsung are entering into a strategic partnership for sustainability. In this way, the two companies want to bring the topic in the telco industry out of the niche and into the mass market. 

Green 5G smartphone

The core of the collaboration is the development of a green smartphone suitable for the mass market. It will support 5G technology and be designed to be sustainable. This includes easy repair and a removable battery. The smartphone is planned for the end of 2022.

Cell phone cycle to be expanded

The two companies are focusing on a holistic approach. This also focuses on the utilization periods of smartphones. Samsung is already an integral part of the Telekom Smartphone circular economy in Germany and Poland, which gives phones a second life. As part of the cycle, Telekom buys back used phones, refurbishes them and puts them back into circulation. The concept is currently being expanded and is expected to be relaunched in October. One of the plans is for Samsung to supply used smartphones to the cycle. The circular economy is also to be used in other national companies.

Recovering raw materials 

In addition, the companies are developing a joint concept to compensate for costs incurred in recycling used devices. For example, a donation is to be made to an NGO with every device sold. This organizes the proper recycling of old devices. 

The fourth pillar comprises the end device portfolio, which is to be made more sustainable overall. Samsung is a major manufacturer within Telekom's smartphone portfolio. This makes the company an important partner in making sustainability a reality throughout Telekom's value chain. 

Only together with partners into a greener future

“Sustainable and green change can only be achieved with the help of technological innovations. And with strong partners. With our joint partner Samsung, we as Deutsche Telekom are setting an example for more sustainable solutions in the ICT industry. Only together can we meet the challenges of climate change and create a better future for all of us," says Claudia Nemat, Member of the Board of Management for Technology and Innovation at Telekom.

“Samsung and Deutsche Telekom believe innovation and sustainability are not mutually exclusive; and together, we will foster more sustainable business models for the entire ICT industry. Powered by our scale, our influence and the Galaxy ecosystem, Samsung is dedicated to delivering positive environmental impact. This partnership allows us to strengthen this commitment and achieve our common goal of making a more sustainable future for all," Stephanie Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. 

The groups have already implemented sustainable projects together: For several years, Samsung has been packaging its end devices free of plastic. The cardboard is largely made of recycled paper. Telekom and Samsung are also part of the Eco Rating initiative. The rating describes the environmental impact of the entire production chain of end devices. 

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