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Deutsche Telekom campaign to evoke the 5G experience

  • Deutsche Telekom launches second phase of its 5G campaign with a cinematic ad
  • Poetry and purpose for Germany’s largest 5G network
  • Different people lend credence to the slogan: “With 5G, nothing separates us anymore”

In recent weeks, Deutsche Telekom has continued working flat out to expand its network. More than 3,000 cities and municipalities across Germany already have access to 5G and, over the last five weeks, a further 18,000 antennas have been upgraded to the technology and integrated into the live network. As a result, 40 million people can already use 5G. That applies not only to major cities such as Frankfurt or Munich, but also to smaller communities like Wallgau in Upper Bavaria, Lampertswalde in Saxony, or Sankt Goarshausen of Lorelei fame. Even the antennas atop Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze, are now transmitting in 5G technology.

At the same time, the campaign for Germany’s largest 5G network is moving into its second phase. “We initially linked 5G technology closely to the Deutsche Telekom brand,” says Ulrich Klenke, who is in charge of the brand. “That was important and also widely accepted. In the next phase of the journey, we are using a cinematic ad to lend an emotional charge to the subject of 5G and underscoring the technology’s value-add.” The campaign focuses on people who are close to each other thanks to the possibilities offered by the technology; people who represent diversity; people for whom the phrase “let nothing separate us” is crucial and who are experiencing a new form of participation through 5G. 

“Our ad is cinema on a grand scale. We are channeling powerful emotions,” says Christian Loefert, who is responsible for the campaign at Telekom Deutschland. “Deutsche Telekom wants to use the campaign to renew its stance against social divisions and for greater participation in society. We are shining the spotlight on the power of personal relationships and how 5G is enhancing them.”

In the ad, the camera circles around different people. They recite a poem that binds them all together and encapsulates the guiding principle of personal relationships: “No more waiting, no more hesitation – No doubts, no equivocation – More binds than divides us – No ifs, no buts – Let distance dissolve in thin air – And nothing separate us anymore” 
The 40-second ad will run on German TV channels with a wide reach and online from August 3 through the end of September. The 5G campaign will also be visible in OOH environments, print ads and the interior design of our shops.

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