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Deutsche Telekom commissions more than 200 new mobile base stations

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  • LTE population coverage increases to 97.5 percent
  • 163,000 additional customers can access LTE network
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Image Mobile Network Expansion

Deutsche Telekom commissions new mobile base stations.

Deutsche Telekom is driving forward network expansion in Germany faster than any other company, both in fixed network and mobile communications. In urban centers and rural areas alike. Almost 200 new mobile base stations have now gone into service in Germany. This has enabled Deutsche Telekom to further consolidate the telecommunications network, modernizing it and extending coverage to areas where provision was previously insufficient. The integration of newly constructed sites takes place every two months as part of the network integration process, in which the new antennas (services) are brought into the existing network. Almost four and a half thousand new services were brought into the network in June and July as part of this process. This means more than 160,000 additional customers can now access Deutsche Telekom’s LTE network, bringing current population coverage up to 97.5 percent.

"We are building the network for Germany," says Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer at Telekom Deutschland. "The demands on mobile communications are growing constantly, and we cannot afford to ease up with our expansion, including in terms of 5G. The availability of broadband Internet connections is of fundamental importance for Germany as a place to do business, as well as for ensuring the best customer experience. That's why we are investing so heavily, and at a far greater rate than any other company, in the build-out and expansion of our infrastructure."

Outlook for mobile communications

Deutsche Telekom will raise the number of mobile base stations in Germany from 27,000 in 2017 to 36,000 in 2021. This expansion will help Deutsche Telekom fill the gaps in mobile communications and increase bandwidths. 97.5 percent of the population can now use Deutsche Telekom’s LTE network. This percentage is set to increase to 98 percent by 2019.

This expansion is an important component for the future 5G network. 5G is the standard for communications in the future. It combines fixed-network and mobile communications. Deutsche Telekom plays an important role in the development of this global standard.

List of municipalities

The LTE network has been newly built out or expanded in the following 125 municipalities: Aachen, Adelshofen, Ahaus, Aicha, Alsdorf, Alt Duvenstedt, Altenkirchen, Aurich, Bach, Bad Gandersheim, Bad Grönenbach, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Bad Wörishofen, Baesweiler, Benningen, Bergneustadt, Birkenau, Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Bleialf, Braunschweig, Coppenbrügge, Dahlenwarsleben, Dernbach, Dettingen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Ehingen, Eisfeld, Eschwege, Eschweiler, Fischbach bei Dahn, Flensburg, Friesenhagen, Gangelt, Gau-Algesheim, Geldern, Germersheim, Goch, Gottmadingen, Großkarolinenfeld, Günstedt, Gunzenhausen, Haßloch, Heinsberg, Hermsdorf, Herrenberg, Hilzingen, Holzgerlingen, Hörselberg-Hainich, Jessen (Elster), Kaiserslautern, Kamp-Lintfort, Kempen, Kerpen, Kitzingen, Köln, Konstanz, Korb, Kronburg, Lautrach, Liebstadt, Lüdinghausen, Ludwigslust, Ludwigswinkel, Lutter, Meckenheim, Meinhard, Metzingen, Mindelstetten, Monschau, Mühlacker, Münster, Nadrensee, Nettetal, Niederdorf, Nordhorn, Nördlingen, Osterburken, Pellworm, Pforzheim, Pfullingen, Querfurt, Ramberg, Remshalden, Rheine, Rielasingen-Worblingen, Röbel Müritz, Rosbach, Rothemühl, Sandberg, Sankt Georgen, Schenefeld, Schönaich, Schwäbisch Hall, Seckach, Seeshaupt, Simmerath, Sinsheim, Sontheim, Stetten, Stolberg, Strullendorf, Struppen, Südbrookmerland, Südlohn, Titisee-Neustadt, Torgau, Trent, Übach-Palenberg, Uetze, Unterensingen, Velen, Viersen, Vinningen, Waldfeucht, Wanfried, Wegberg, Weinstadt, Weißensee, Wertheim, Witten, Wülfrath, Wurmberg, Würselen.

To find out whether you will benefit from this build-out, you can check your mobile communications coverage at The advisors at Telekom shops and specialist outlets, as well as at the free hotline (0800 330 1000) can also provide the information needed.

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DT invests several billion euros every year in building networks.