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Deutsche Telekom is fighting for an internet free of hate

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Deutsche Telekom is fighting for an internet free of hate.

Deutsche Telekom is fighting for an internet free of hate.

Deutsche Telekom has resumed its campaign against online hate speech. For coronavirus-related reasons, the campaign had to be discontinued at the end of March, with some sporadic exceptions. Now it is being resumed in full. On July 30, Deutsche Telekom will begin screening the campaign's anti-hate-speech clip in movie theaters. A month later, it will begin running the message in selected TV contexts. The campaign will also include various online efforts, including messages on social media, as well as outdoor advertising with digital signs.  The #NOHATESPEECH (#GEGENHASSIMNETZ) campaign is part of Deutsche Telekom's long-term efforts to work for an internet environment in which all users behave respectfully.

"We can't just sit back"

"Hate speech and verbal abuse are increasing in our society – and much of this is taking place on the internet. With our #TAKEPART campaign, we have created a long-term communicative framework for our key areas of activity. With #NOHATESPEECH, we are showing people in a tangible, concrete way just how committed we are to enabling participation," explains Christian Hahn, Deutsche Telekom's Head of Marketing Communications, Strategy and Media. "Hate speech and cyberbullying adversely affect the quality of people's lives. We want to call attention to this unacceptable situation." 

Hate speech, social media outrage and bullying have become everyday features of life online. They have become pervasive, even reaching into our school classrooms. The JIM study published in March 2020* found that some 2.2 million school children are affected by cyberbullying. One in five school children has fallen victim to false or insulting content about themselves being spread online.

"We cannot sit back and wait for a new legal framework for dealing with the Internet. We must empower ourselves to deal with the digital world with conviction. This also means that each of us must show civic courage to make sure that hate does not become normalized online,” says Barbara Costanzo, Vice President Group Social Engagement Deutsche Telekom AG. Digital civic courage is one of the issues to which the company is committed in its CR activities.

Supporting the victims

Deutsche Telekom's clip uses the example of a real-life case to illustrate just how harmful and hurtful cyberbullying, verbal abuse and insults can be. The clip is designed to raise awareness and help victims take courage. In the campaign, Deutsche Telekom and numerous cooperating partners are working to encourage people to show more civil courage and to help victims be strong. The partners in the effort include #ichbinhier, Amadeu Antonio Stiftung and Teachtoday. All are fighting for a more tolerant society and for fairness and openness in cyberspace. And they are calling on each and every one of us to stand up for what is right. 

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*Research source: JIM-Studie 2019, Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest, The study surveyed young people aged 12 to 19.

Credits for Deutsche Telekom clip #TAKE PART #NOHATESPEECH:
Created by: DDB, Hamburg
Media: Mindshare, Frankfurt 
Production: Markenfilm, Hamburg
Direction: Kim Geldenhuys

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No Hate Speech

Words must not become a weapon. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate in which we treat one another respectfully.