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Deutsche Telekom supports #Zusammenland

  •  “#Zusammenland – Vielfalt macht uns stark” initiative promotes freedom and diversity 
  • Call for democratic cohesion in society 
  • Media initiative with broad support from German industry
Deutsche Telekom supports the initiative #Zusammenland.

Deutsche Telekom supports the initiative #Zusammenland. © #Zusammenhalt

Deutsche Telekom supports the “#Zusammenland – Vielfalt macht uns stark” (#acountryoftogetherness– diversity makes us strong) initiative and is once again standing up for freedom and diversity in society. It opposes all forms of hate, racism, and Fascism and calls for democratic cohesion in society. “Populism? No, thank you! Fascism? Never again!” This is the call that will be published in renowned print and digital media starting today. #Zusammenland is an initiative of the media DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, WirtschaftsWoche and Ströer with broad support from German industry. Deutsche Telekom will also use its channels to draw attention to the initiative's messages with a wide reach.

In the midst of this heated sociopolitical situation, #Zusammenland deliberately wants to make a statement. The aim is to shake things up and make the following clear: “We have learnt from the past and have not forgotten how inhumanity – silently to begin with and then oppressively and brutally – penetrated society. Current times demand a clear stance. Together, we stand for an inclusive country that courageously confronts challenges instead of allowing itself to be fueled and incited by right-wing propaganda. After all, we know what that can lead to. So this year is all about opposing hate and division. For a new kind of togetherness. Strong together in a diverse #Zusammenland.”

All dialog helps to overcome division and create new social cohesion. It is for this reason that millions of people took to the streets in recent weeks. They want to make a stand for freedom and diversity. Open-mindedness, respect, and solidarity are values that make Germany not only a country worth living in, but also an economically strong one. The German economy needs international relations to thrive. And it needs people from all over the world who enjoy living and working here. So populism as well as nationalist and right-wing extremist ideas are not only detrimental to democracy, but also to economic success. The initiative appeals to the power of the community: "Take a stance and join us in standing up for freedom, diversity, and a culture of welcome. Diversity makes us strong.”

Deutsche Telekom is strongly committed to diversity

Deutsche Telekom is strongly committed to diversity. It does not tolerate discriminatory actions, racism and fascism. Deutsche Telekom stands for everything that connects people, societies, and cultures. It clearly and categorically rejects attitudes that divide and separate. The Group has made a public and transparent commitment to this via its Code of Conduct, Diversity Policy and Code of human rights. It makes its position clear to the world with campaigns such as its long-term “No hate speech” initiative.

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Human rights affects each and every human being!

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Deutsche Telekom releases policy statement on human rights and reiterates its firm commitment to these human rights.