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Deutsche Telekom takes to the air with MagentaEINS Unlimited

  • Air show to launch the new MagentaEINS Unlimited benefit
  • The sky over Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf will become a billboard
  • Unlimited data all across Germany

(from left) André Almeida, Director Consumer Telekom Deutschland GmbH, and Ferri Abolhassan, Managing Director Sales & Service Telekom Deutschland. © Deutsche Telekom

The sky is not the limit. Spectacular products deserve spectacular presentation, which is why Deutsche Telekom is orchestrating the launch of the MagentaEINS Unlimited advantage with a formation flight over three cities. In the morning of June 1, five aerobatic pilots will be writing giant letters in the sky over the cities of Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. In addition to a greeting for the residents, the lettering “MagentaEINS Unlimited” will be visible at an altitude of 3,000 meters for around 30 minutes in each city. 

Skywriting over 700,000 square meters 

The message in the sky will be written by Skytexter, a team of experienced aerobatic pilots. Coordinated choreography and dot technology will be used to write the letters in the sky at 250 km/h. Individual dots and dashes create letters up to 200 x 200 meters in size, creating a total length of around 3.5 kilometers in total. The message will be visible within a radius of 10 kilometers.


Skytexten: Individual dots and dashes create the lettering “MagentaEINS Unlimited” up to 200 x 200 meters in size. © Deutsche Telekom

The letters are “written” using environmentally friendly paraffin oil that evaporates at higher temperatures, ensuring that no residues remain in the air. The flights will be certified carbon-neutral. Deutsche Telekom will be compensating for the CO2 emissions through projects from ClimatePartner

The air show was designed by Deutsche Telekom together with Skytexter and DO IT! Düsseldorf. The campaign will be dependent on the current flight conditions. The flight will be canceled in the event of inclement weather.

The campaign

The new MagentaEINS Unlimited advantage program is coming at just the right time. The relaxation of coronavirus restrictions in recent weeks is raising hopes that people will regain their usual freedoms. Deutsche Telekom is serving this emotional human need for freedom and boundlessness in its new advertising campaign that will accompany the launch of the Unlimited advantage. Digital optimism is the thought at the heart of the concept. Boundlessness is symbolized by the infinity symbol, which is featured throughout the campaign and on all advertising materials. Under the direction of Bastian Glaessner, the symbol will also play a central role in the presentation in TV ads, serving as a gateway that gives us a glimpse of people enjoying their regained freedom. The 20-second ad will run on major German TV stations starting June 15, supplemented by online and social media activities.

Video of the Magenta1 Unlimited Flight


MagentaEINS Unlimited

Deutsche Telekom has created a separate mobile rate plan for the new MagentaEINS Unlimited advantage package. Combined with a MagentaZuhause rate plan (L and larger), MagentaMobil EINS offers unlimited voice minutes and texts in all German networks. The rate plan also contains unlimited data all across Germany with up to 100 Mbit/s download and up to 50 Mbit/s upload in Germany’s largest 5G network. 
Of course the MagentaEINS Unlimited advantage also applies to partner cards in the MagentaMobil EINS rate plan, because they make the all-round carefree package available to the whole family at a reasonable price. The Community Card EINS offers the same Unlimited advantages as the main card. That means unlimited high-speed volume and telephony and SMS flat rate to all German networks – and all that for just 30 euros per month. The offer for the Community Card Teens EINS is unbeatable: it can be canceled with one month’s notice and provides unlimited mobile communications in Deutsche Telekom’s best 5G network for just 10 euros per month. 

The MagentaEINS Unlimited advantage can be booked starting June 1 in customer service, Telekom Shops, and with retail partners and from July 1 online at


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