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Deutsche Telekom taking responsibility for eSports

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  • Deutsche Telekom supports Esports Player Foundation
  • The Foundation promotes talented gamers throughout Germany 
  • Focus on responsible use of digital sports
Deutsche Telekom supports Esports Player Foundation

Deutsche Telekom supports Esports Player Foundation

Gaming and eSports thrill players and viewers alike throughout Germany and continue to increase in popularity. With its networks, products, and services, Deutsche Telekom provides the best possible access to digital sports. Since the company wishes to promote a responsible approach to eSports, it has become a founding partner of the Esports Player Foundation effective immediately. 

Communicating positive values through role models

The Foundation's declared aim is to support the advancement of Germany's gaming scene and its societal acceptance. The organization also intends to enable players of both sexes to start careers in eSports, while counteracting detrimental effects on education and careers. To this end, it will support talents through dual career planning and scholarships, along with physical fitness and dietary consulting measures. 

This commitment represents the logical evolution of Deutsche Telekom's strategy. With its networks and products, the company offers gamers true added value. What's more, Deutsche Telekom doesn't hesitate to take responsibility when it comes to major societal issues. "We offer gamers an opportunity to further themselves in the best network with the best technology. At the same time, we will give young, talented people an opportunity to live their dreams – in a responsible manner," said Stephan Althoff, Head of Group Sponsoring at Deutsche Telekom.

Impart positive values

The Foundation aims to improve Germany's international position as an eSports power. It also plans to promote role models through public relations work. "We have gained a strong partner for our initiative in Deutsche Telekom," said Joerg Adami, co-founder of the Esports Player Foundation. "We want to work together to impart positive values on youths and young adults, such as team spirit, dedication, and fair play. We also intend to promote intercultural collaboration."

In 2018, Deutsche Telekom became the main sponsor and technology partner for SK Gaming, a company that supports the professional teams of the eSports organization with its technological expertise. It focuses on disciplines such as League of Legends, Clash Royale, and FIFA20. Deutsche Telekom also offers workshops on responsible gaming for youths and adults, in which gaming experts and media educators teach a responsible approach to digital sports. 

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