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Trusted partner: Deutsche Telekom enhances its portfolio of digital certificates

  • Cooperation with global provider DigiCert Inc.
  • Deutsche Telekom expands its reach and offering for digital security
  • First certified Trust Center in Germany ensures digital sovereignty
Certificates protect the content of data and its integrity.

Certificates protect the content of data and its integrity. © (iStock), edited by Deutsche Telekom AG

Trust has never been so valuable. Deutsche Telekom (DT) is completing its range of services in the field of digital certificates and identity management. To this end, the company will be working with the globally active DigiCert Inc. from North America in the future. With a strong partner from a single source, DT will be able to meet the most diverse needs and requirements of European customers - both its own and those of its subsidiaries. The portfolio is complete and covers the full range from public key infrastructure, identity and access management to digital certificates. The same can be said of hardware security for smartphones, computers and other devices using so-called secure elements. To ensure this, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH has founded a DigiCert Competence Center based in Germany and Slovakia.

"With this step, we are staying true to our motto of operating security services as a certified trust service provider in geo-redundant data centers with an additional integrated high-security environment. DigiCert's cloud solutions also meet all the requirements of European law, as they are operated from the Netherlands," says Andreas Brasching, Head of Trust Center & Identity Security, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH.

Traditional unique selling point remains

DT will continue to meet the strictest requirements for digital sovereignty in its home market. The company has been operating its own Trust Center - the first certified one in Germany - since 1994. Millions of certificates have been provided since then and are in daily use by customers from a wide range of industries and public authorities. As a certification body and trust authority for electronic data exchange, DT has proven itself for secure, IT-supported business processes ever since. Digital certificates ensure data security, probative value and confidentiality in such digitized processes and electronic communication. 

Even more flexible in the future

DT is now meeting the demand for automated and scalable services with its collaboration with DigiCert. The Internet of Things in particular and the constantly growing attack surface thanks to ultimate networking require readily available platforms that grow with it. Being able to seamlessly manage identities across the boundaries of apps and device instances is another important feature that now enriches DT's portfolio. 

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