Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

In the Corporate Communications department, I have accompanied the Deutsche Telekom AG Group for several decades from a wide variety of perspectives. Knowing the big picture down to the last detail and having a corresponding network helps me every day as a corporate spokesperson. Being able to see tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow's technology today, assess possible risks and accept the associated communication challenges is what drives me. I share my enthusiasm with young STEM talent in Germany on behalf of my employer, as a member of the board of MINT Zukunft schaffen.

Articles by Christian Fischer

Your choice

Text on the screen in the stadium prompts you to use new passwords.


German Soccer fans fail on passwords

The list of the 30 stolen passwords that were found particularly often online in 2024 contains a lot of soccer enthusiasm.

Certificates protect the content of data and its integrity.


DT cooperates with DigiCert

Despite the German-American partnership in the field of certificates, DT safeguards the digital sovereignty of its customers.

DT network offers added protection


Deutsche Telekom network offers added protection

At the MWC Deutsche Telekom presents network-based, configuration-free security products available from 2025.

View of Deutsche Telekoms stall at MWC 2024 with slogan "Connecting your world".


MWC 2024: The different communication of tomorrow

Deutsche Telekom shows how Magenta AI can improve and enhance everyday life. For people and companies.

Chief Security Officer Thomas Tschersich says why security must NOT become a megatrend.


Digitization: Secure Success

Chief Security Officer Thomas Tschersich says why he is looking forward to Digital X and why security must NOT become a megatrend.