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Deutsche Telekom pimps WFH experience with Christoph Maria Herbst

  • Christoph Maria Herbst and Wladimir Klitschko promote MagentaBusiness HomeOffice complete package
  • The message: “Work from home like in the office”
  • 25,000 service engineers play key role in business customer campaign 

Deutsche Telekom’s pledge is: “We will pimp your WFH experience and provide everything as a one-stop solution!”

Imagine Christoph Maria Herbst in lockdown! The new Deutsche Telekom communications campaign plays with this thought experiment.  To coincide with the launch of the MagentaBusiness HomeOffice complete package, the company secured actor Christoph Maria Herbst, alias Bernd Stromberg, as a testimonial. Together with Wladimir Klitschko he is promoting the all-round carefree packages that allow small and midsize enterprises to equip their employees’ home workstations to be more productive and secure. Deutsche Telekom’s pledge is: “We will pimp your WFH experience and provide everything as a one-stop solution!” The ad will air from November 9, 2020 through December 6, 2020 online and on channels with a broad reach.

“Home and remote offices are here to stay. But unfortunately many people cannot yet work at home like in the office. Bosses are looking for one thing: the same productivity, the same effectiveness. We address this issue in our campaign in a creative, humorous way and offer the perfect solution with the MagentaBusiness HomeOffice complete package,” says Thomas Spreitzer, Head of SME Sales and Business Customer Marketing at Deutsche Telekom. 

The TV and online ad is all about the old home office versus the Deutsche Telekom home office. And that’s why Christoph Maria Herbst despairs with the everyday obstacles of outdated technology, incompatible software, and lack of support. He wants to participate in an online conference but the dial-in doesn’t work. While he’s still waiting for some advice from his friend Wladimir Klitschko, the Deutsche Telekom “Pimp Team” his wife called are standing outside the door. The three “Hardware”, “IT”, and “All-Round Service” engineers resolve all the problems in no time. Equipped with a new laptop, Wi-Fi, compatible collaboration tools, and a security package, Christoph Maria Herbst can finally work at home just like in the office. 

“Hardware” employee is one of 25,000 service engineers 

One special detail: The “Hardware” engineer Nils Heising from the ad is an actual Deutsche Telekom employee. The 26-year-old has been working for the company as a service engineer for the past six years after completing his training at Deutsche Telekom. He landed the role through an internal audition. “Our 25,000 service engineers play a key role in the campaign. They ensure our customers are always  satisfied. Our service engineers help small and midsize enterprises set up our HomeOffice solutions professionally and reliably,” says Thomas Spreitzer.

With campaign stickers on service vehicles, with service content and service tools such as chatbots, hotline, or a website - the campaign is always prominent. Across all touchpoints, through to the PoS, Deutsche Telekom aims to motivate managers in the enterprises to put together customized packages for their employees using the online configurator. 

True to the motto: “Work at home like in the office” Deutsche Telekom now offers small and midsize enterprises complete packages for the home office. These include laptop, office software, internet connection, IT security, and support. So employees are just as productive at home and on the move as in the office. The idea is for enterprises to put together their customized package using the online configurator. That way they get all services out of the box from a single source. Enterprises can obtain advice over the phone on the individual solutions where needed.  The specific portfolio includes all services out of the box from a single source, telephone consulting on individual solutions, and attractively priced hardware. The Apple MacBook Air is available from just EUR 18.14 a month.


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