Deutsche Telekom's IoT solution Maintenance 2.0: I know when you'll break down

  • Simple IoT solutions with 360° service
  • IoT bundles for analytics and pattern recognition (predictive maintenance)
  • 70 percent reduction in unplanned equipment outages 

Deutsche Telekom is launching new IoT bundles to help companies get started in the Internet of Things easily. The new kits offer predictive maintenance with 360° service. They let companies put their own predictive maintenance packages together for their specific needs. The price depends on the required storage volume (10, 100 or 1000 MB), the number of sensors and their construction specifications (such as splash protection) and the required power supply (constant or connection without power adapter). In addition to the hardware, these end-to-end solutions also include connectivity over Deutsche Telekom's mobile network. In addition, Deutsche Telekom stores, operates and analyzes the data in a high security data center in Germany and presents it in a graphics format.

The individual IoT bundles support automated maintenance processes, from analysis of damage and wear and tear to initiating a visit by a service technician. The usage and state data recorded by the sensors is processed by T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom's corporate customers arm, on its Multi-IoT service platform, which includes the Azure IoT Suite from Microsoft, among other features. The new IoT bundles complement the already available IoT starter kits "Cloud of Things" and "Predictive Maintenance".

An automated look at the future of machines

The on-site operation and service of machinery costs time and money; outages and unscheduled repairs can have a massive impact on a company's business processes, performance and reputation. The automated analysis of the recorded sensor data – such as temperature, humidity, vibration and acceleration – not only supports early identification of wear and tear based on anomalies in the data patterns, for example. It also helps to optimize the entire process chain, by triggering service orders such as scheduling, planning and synchronization of the order and equipment data. A service technician can also help analyze the data (optional). With this approach, companies can schedule specific service windows and reduce expensive machinery downtimes. Practical experience shows that such scheduling can cut repair bills by an average of twelve percent and maintenance costs by around 30 percent. Unplanned downtimes are reduced by an average of 70 percent.

Monitoring of equipment and assets

The already available IoT starter kit "Cloud of Things" enables companies to monitor equipment and assets. The sensors capture data such as position, movement, temperature, humidity and vibration. Threshold values can be defined for certain states of the individual items, among other data. If a device passes a defined threshold, the portal automatically sends an alert to a person or group of people. End-users can access the clearly presented data in any conventional web browser. The "Cloud of Things Starter Kit" is available for a one-time price of 199 euros (hardware) plus monthly charges starting at 5.95 euros (service and connectivity.

Remote-controlled maintenance work

Companies that want to go beyond mere monitoring, for example, implementing remote maintenance for their equipment and devices, can do so with Deutsche Telekom's IoT starter kit "Predictive-Maintenance", for a fixed monthly fee of 9.95 euros and up for each connected machine in Germany. Like the Cloud of Things starter kit, this service is operational immediately and does not have any complex installation requirements. The IoT kit will also be available as a retrofit solution.

With its end-to-end solutions, Deutsche Telekom is an industry leader in the Internet of Things – as recently confirmed in the latest issue of the "Industry 4.0/ IoT Vendor Benchmarks" by the Experton Group. In this independent analysis, Deutsche Telekom was identified as a leader in Germany in six categories.

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