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Telekom Electronic Beats expands its virtual world on Roblox with the launch of 'Floating Forest'

  • TEB launches ‘Floating Forest’ as the last part of Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Summer of Joy’ campaign, including new gaming elements and an exclusive DJ gig by Jayda G.
  • This launch is Telekom Electronic Beats’ third expansion of Beatland 
  • Telekom Electronic Beats have successfully managed to build a strong brand presence on the gaming platform
‘Floating Forest’ on Roblox

‘Floating Forest’ of Telekom Electronic Beats on Roblox. © Deutsche Telekom

As the final part of Deutsche Telekom’s ‚Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom‘ campaign, TEB launches ‚Floating Forest‘ on August the 28th in ‚Beatland‘ - the virtual club experience on Roblox - to offer users brand new gaming elements and a exclusive DJ gig by GRAMMY nominated music producer, DJ and ‚Summer of Joy‘ collaborator Jayda G.

At the heart of the expansion is a virtual dance floor designed specifically for Jayda G's DJ performance, inviting players to get creative and mix their own tracks for other visitors in Beatland. In Roblox, virtual islands are transformed into blooming landscapes in a jetpack trail. For one month only, ‚Floating Forest‘ will release new activities every week around sustainable action such as reforesting the forest, collecting seeds or garbage. 

As a reward, players receive Verch items (virtual merchandising products) to sign up to participate in Jayda G's event. The exclusive pop up DJ gigs will be between September 29 to October 1. Each gig will last around 20 minutes and will be accessible worldwide. 

Beatland Success Story

Since its successful launch in April last year, Beatland has had over 17 million visitors. Today, around 10,000 daily users drop by the club for an average length of stay around eleven minutes. 

Jayda G

Canadian house music producer, DJ, environmental toxicologist and face of Deutsche Telekom’s current campaign ‘Summer of Joy’, Jayda G was nominated for Best Electronic Dance Record at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for her song "Both Of Us". She recently released her second album ‘Guy’ via Ninja Tune and she has released a trove of high-profile remixes for the likes of Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa.

„Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom“

Jayda’s virtual gig in Beatland is the last part of Deutsche Telekom’s Gen Z focussed campaign "Summer of Joy,Youth and Freedom". Young people in particular currently face major challenges due to economic, environmental, educational and societal pressures. Deutsche Telekom is committed to showing their support for the younger generation, providing them with exceptional cultural moments through which to experience the real joy of youth. Inviting young people to a wide range of music experiences across Europe, Deutsche Telekom is helping connect young people to the possibilities that youth culture offers.

The ‘Summer of Joy’ campaign provides access to some of the most famous festivals in Europe, such as Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Ohrid Calling (North Macedonia), INOTA Festival (Hungary) and many more. It also provides  access to a number of exclusive open-air events and club nights, curated and hosted by the international music program Electronic Beats.

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