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Green Light for Smart City Bonn

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  • The city of Bonn and Telekom send a message in the run up to UN Climate Conference
  • Intelligent Networking of Streetlights, Waste Containers and Air Quality Monitoring starts
  • Smart Sensors transmit Data and make intelligent City Management possible
Green Light for Smart City Bonn

f.l.t.r.: Theo Waerder, Manager of BonnNetz, Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn, Anette Bronder, Head of Digital and Security at Deutsche Telekom, Richard Münz, Business Unit Manager bonnorange

In the run-up to the UN Climate Conference (07.11.-14.11), Bonn and Deutsche Telekom send a message: With the intelligent networking of street lights, waste containers and measurement of air pollution, the green light is given for Smart City. “It is an important step within the initiative Digital Bonn”, says Ashok Sridharan, mayor of the City. “We strengthen Bonn as engaged location for innovation and environmental protection.”

Deutsche Telekom connects street lights in the city center of Bonn (Sternstraße/corner Budapesterstraße) and waste containers at Münsterplatz garage with intelligent sensors via NarrowBand-IoT technologies. The NarrowBand-IoT net is specifically made for applications with a lot of data like Smart City solutions for example. The solution makes the street lights dimmable and motion detectors enable the street lights to darken or brighten themselves automatically. Furthermore, the public utility receives a proactive notification in case one of the bulbs fails and must be replaced. “This technology saves up to 60 percent of the operating costs”, says Anette Bronder, head of Digital- and Security Department of Deutsche Telekom. “The city of future needs more digital services.” The sensors inside the waste containers at Münsterplatz garage measure the filling level so the waste management of Bonn (bonnorange) doesn’t have to set out until the containers are actually full.

Air Quality in the Streets of Bonn

Deutsche Telekom provides a software and data for the measurement of air quality. The installed sensor is located on one of the street lights near the Münsterplatz garage. In regular intervals, diverse data are provided.

Deutsche Telekom has already installed Smart City solutions in seventeen European cities in ten countries. At the UN-Climate Conference Deutsche Telekom is a strong partner, providing fiberglass-, net- and transfer technologies.


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Image "UN Climate Conference 2017"

UN World Climate Conference 2017

The conference is the biggest intergovernmental meeting that has ever taken place in Germany.