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Happy Birthday, Telekom Brand

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  • The magenta T is now one of the best-known and most-valuable brands
  • BrandZ study highlights the success of the current brand strategy
  • Deutsche Bundespost Telekom brand was initially presented to the public 30 years ago, at the 1991 CeBIT exhibition
Happy Birthday Telekom brand

Today, the Magenta T is one of the best-known and most valuable brands. 

Happy Birthday, Telekom brand! 30 years ago, at the 1991 CeBIT exhibition, the “Deutsche Bundespost Telekom" brand was initially presented to the public. Today, the magenta T is one of the best-known and most-valuable brands. According to the BrandZ study "Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands," which has appeared today, Deutsche Telekom is the second most valuable brand in Germany. What's more, according to the most recent "Brand Finance Global 500" study, the company's brand is far and away the most valuable telecommunications brand in Europe.

Deutsche Telekom's brand value has greatly increased since last year, and it is now at a record level. The BrandZ study underscores this positive trend. With a brand value of 47 billion U.S. dollars, the company ranks a strong second, behind SAP and considerably ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The increase since the previous year represents growth of five percent. 

"These positive results highlight our successful implementation of our brand strategy. The T gives people orientation. In the crisis, we have shown solidarity and spread optimism about things digital. Our networks and services have functioned reliably, and so has our brand. Trust in Deutsche Telekom has grown," states Uli Klenke, Deutsche Telekom's head of Group Brand Strategy. „The magenta T stands for strong connections between people. It stands for digital participation, which we make possible through high-quality networks, innovative products, and a strong orientation to customers. It is a brand idea that people in our markets all over the world can identify with."

Few companies are now as uniquely associated with their brand as Deutsche Telekom is – and this is true even outside of the industry. Over 90 percent of the general public unequivocally link the magenta T with the company. Anyone who sees the brand knows it stands for Deutsche Telekom, with its quality networks, innovativeness, and customer centricity.

Bye bye post horn – hello magenta T

The presentation of the corporate design of Deutsche Bundespost Telekom – still state-operated at the time – at the 1991 CeBIT exhibition marked the birth of a lively new combination of a wordmark, lettering and the color magenta. That audaciously showy color was chosen, 30 years ago, as way of highlighting the company's postal-reform-driven transformation into Deutsche Telekom. In 1995, the company was converted into Deutsche Telekom AG, a stock corporation under private law. That new beginning manifested itself in a revamped brand design, and the magenta T began its success story as the company's logo. By that time, the color magenta had become a unique feature that set the company apart. 

A technology brand becomes an experience brand

When the company privatized, a fresh new spirit entered the company's development. Deutsche Telekom began offering increasing numbers of new products and services. In the mid-2000s, growing convergence between fixed and mobile networks, and between broadcast TV and Internet services, necessitated a new strategic approach that emphasized integrated solutions over large numbers of individual offers. How did Deutsche Telekom respond to the new challenges? By positioning itself as a full-service provider, with solutions from a single source, under its unique Deutsche Telekom trademark. The company turned its technology brand into a customer-oriented experience brand. The company's new brand promise, "Life is for sharing.", gets right to the heart of what this is all about. 

Today, the brand consistently stands for digital participation. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a share in the promise of digitalization. With its #TAKEPART campaign, Deutsche Telekom has given this promise a communication framework. Because to experience how life is for sharing, you first have to take part.

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The color Magenta

Deutsche Telekom brand

Life is for sharing. That is at once our slogan and our aim.