Information on current problems

Update: According to our knowledge, an attack on maintenance interfaces is currently taking place worldwide. This was also confirmed by the Federal Office for Information Security. Following the latest findings, routers of Deutsche Telekom costumers were affected by an attack from outside. Our network was not affected at any time. The attack attempted to infect routers with a malware but failed which caused crashes or restrictions for four to five percent of all routers. This led to a restricted use of Deutsche Telekom services for affected customers. We implemented a series of filter measures to our network. Affected customers should disconnect their router momentarily from the power supply in order to reboot it. After the reboot, the router should function normally. The routers are back to their original state after the reboot, meaning there was no permanent infection with malware. Deutsche Telekom has developed a software update together with the router manufacturers which is offered for download here For customers who have the so-called Easy Support Function, an automatic update is already in place and is now being delivered to all affected devices.


Currently, a software update is provided to all affected customers to fix the router problem. The software rollout already started and we can see the success of this measure. Customers should unplug their router for 30 seconds. Afterwards when reactivating the router the new software will be installed automatically from the servers. Alternatively, the software update is available for download here and can be entered manually. In this case unplugging the router is still required.

All affected customers with a Deutsche Telekom mobile contract can get a Day-Flat pass for free to use internet via our mobile network (using your smartphone or tablet All other affected customers, please come by to a Telekom Shop nearby.

The vast majority of our customers can use our services without restrictions and our network is fully operational. However, since yesterday afternoon, a significant number of customers have been having problems: around 900,000 customers with specific routers from around 20 million fixed network customers. We are currently investigating exactly which routers are affected.

There is no error pattern: some customers are experiencing temporary problems or very marked fluctuations in quality, but there are also customers for whom the service is not working at all. Based on the error pattern, we cannot exclude the possibility that the routers have been targeted by external parties with the result that they can no longer register on the network. 

Experts from Deutsche Telekom and the router manufacturers have already been working on a solution through the night. In case of problems, we still recommend disconnecting your router from the network, even if this did not necessarily have the desired effect yesterday. We are constantly applying new solutions in the network. 

Another note: there are continuous reports that metropolitan areas are particularly affected. This is not the case; there are no localized focal points. The fact that the error pattern occurs more in metropolitan areas is due to population distribution, which means it is purely a statistical conclusion.