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Europe’s biggest digital initiative enters its next round

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  • Digital summit DIGITAL X 2019 on October 29–30 in Cologne
  • Regional tour of six federal states concluded before the summer break
  • Digital champions: 24 digital trailblazers distinguished so far
Digital X logo and participants

Digital X regional tour welcomed appr. 11,000 participants.

The nationwide digital summit “DIGITAL X 2019” will take place on October 29 and 30. Just like last year, market leaders and digital visionaries will all come together in Cologne’s exhibition center. This year, 120 speakers and 15,000 visitors are expected from the fields of industry and science. There will be several stages featuring cross-sectoral topics regarding new ideas and exchange in the digital age. A jury will be awarding two prizes. All 24 winners of the “Digital Champions Award” from the regional tour will be competing against one another, with the best project receiving the distinction of “Best Regional Champion”. In addition, companies also still have until August 23 to compete for the national “Digital Champions Award”.

Strong partners are in demand

“Digitalization doesn’t allow for lone wolves.” Spiritual father of DIGITAL X and Telekom Deutschland’s Director for business customers, Hagen Rickmann, is sure of it. “If SMEs want to transform themselves digitally, they need strong partners. That’s why we need more platforms here in Germany where companies can exchange with one another and get ideas. The goal: a living ecosystem made up of researchers, companies, and start-ups – all over the different regions.

You can find further information on the final event in Cologne here.

DIGITAL X was on tour across Germany from April to June 2019. In six German cities, it made the digital identity of the various regions into something to be experienced. The sites and main points in detail: Bochum (structural change from coal to service), Stuttgart (automotive and supply industries), Munich (digital Bavaria), Offenbach/Main (digital Rhine-Main area), Hamburg (radical change in the city and port), Berlin (women in IT).

DIGITAL X 2019: networking and exchange

Around 11,000 participants. 20 keynote speeches. 130 presentations. 14 discussion sessions. 24 “Digital Champions Award” winners. 230 partners presentations. Local companies were the main focus of the regional tour. The events demonstrated that, for many, digitalization still starts with the basics – an electronic payment system, an online shop, or their own internet presence. DIGITAL X gave companies the opportunity to exchange ideas and network. Participants were able to learn from one another and find tangible support for their own company.

A key element of each event was the Digital Champions Award: young companies and SMEs from the region competed in four categories, submitting digital projects that demonstrated their role model qualities. 

The background
DIGITAL X is Europe’s biggest cross-sectoral digitalization initiative. Through the initiative, leading companies of the digital age are getting involved with Deutsche Telekom. It began its tour across Germany in April 2019 and is making the digital identity of six German regions into something to be experienced. The big finale of “DIGITAL X 2019” will take place on October 29 and 30 in Cologne. Companies and decision-makers from all over Germany will assemble there to take part.

Whether associations, companies, start-ups, or founders – everyone can contribute their knowledge and experience and be part of the initiative. The LinkedIn account “Telekom Business” provides regular updates about the digitalization of the economy. In the Digital X LinkedIn group you are invited to network and exchange ideas.

You can find further information on the final event in Cologne here and at

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