Caroline Bergmann


IT security for Vitesco Technologies - from a single source

  • Telekom develops security architecture for Vitesco Technologies 
  • Bundling of services in Security Operations Center (SOC) 

Setting up a new security architecture for the company. That is the goal of the strategic cooperation between Telekom and Vitesco Technologies. Vitesco Technologies is a leading provider of innovative electrification technologies for all types of vehicles. In addition to setting up and operating its IT systems, the company has redefined its IT security. An innovative cloud strategy requires additional specific services to secure services and infrastructures in the public cloud. With the advice of Telekom Security, a security architecture was created that exactly fits the company.

Telekom Security's Security Operations Center (SOC) plays an important role. Here, around 200 experts monitor Telekom's systems and those of its customers in 24-hour operation. Every day, more than one billion security-relevant data from 3,000 data sources are analysed almost fully automatically. The analysis teams extract the relevant indicators for attacks and process suspicious cases in fractions of a second. They analyse actual incidents and initiate countermeasures.

For Vitesco Technologies, the SOC bundles two services: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). The SIEM system collects logs from various sources and analyses them. If the data corresponds to certain predefined detection scenarios, alarms are triggered and forwarded to the SOAR team at Telekom Security. Here, they are evaluated by security and data analysts. The identification of individual detection scenarios tailored to Vitesco Technologies by Telekom Security was an essential aspect in the development of the security architecture.

Qualified alarms are passed on as incidents to the internal security team at Vitesco Technologies. In the event of an acute security incident, the Incident Response Service comes into play. Security experts from Telekom Security are available at short notice to support the security team at Vitesco Technologies if required.

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