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Magenta Virtual Reality – Deutsche Telekom is setting new standards

  • “Die Fantastischen VR – Fantaventura” is the world’s first ever 6DoF VR encounter with a band
  • Basketball World Cup in 360°
  • Exclusive relaxation sessions using the Magenta VR app
Die Fantastischen 4

Fantaventura: Die weltweit erste VR-Experience einer Band in 6DoF setzt neue kreative und technologische Maßstäbe.

It’s the content that counts – Deutsche Telekom is driving forward the development of professional and innovative virtual reality material. Its IFA showcase previews the technical possibilities of VR. The company is researching non-stop into new VR technologies and their potential applications in current and future spheres of life, as 5G is poised to open up entirely new frontiers.

Die Fantastischen Vier – FANTAVENTURA

Deutsche Telekom is exclusively presenting the virtual reality extravaganza DIE FANTASTISCHEN VR – FANTAVENTURA at IFA. The world’s first 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) VR take on a band sets new creative and technological standards. To the sounds of the 90s hit “Tag am Meer” (A Day at the Sea), the audience can link up with Smudo, Thomas D, Michi Beck, and And.Ypsilon to dive into the interactive universe of Die Fantastischen Vier. Click here for more information.

Magenta VR content highlights

In launching Magenta VR, Deutsche Telekom established an interactive app for 360° and virtual reality videos. The company’s showcase at IFA highlights the very latest entertainment formats – among them, exclusives from the Basketball World Cup in China, the unique 6DoF basketball experience “Meet Josh Mayo,” and 360° clips from the Magenta eTrophy at gamescom. The Relax VR zone at Deutsche Telekom’s booth offers visitors the chance to sample its unique chill-out sessions for themselves.

About Magenta VR

The Magenta Virtual Reality app for iOS, Android, Daydream and Oculus pulls together the VR and 360° sports, music, educational, and entertainment packages provided by Deutsche Telekom and various partners. The app is one of the first VR applications to add a VR social platform, the “Lounge” room, where users can hang out together as avatars. They can use this closed environment to chat and explore the offerings in the app in good company.

A second room, the “Cinema”, provides a virtual venue for users to watch a range of 2D content or their own pictures and videos.
The Magenta VR app works both on smartphones and with stand-alone VR headsets. For a fully immersive experience, users should opt for the latter or add a mounted headset to their smartphone. The app, including all content and functions, is available free of charge in app stores.

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