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Modschiedler Group drives with Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox

  • Modschiedler Group relies on Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox to speed up order processing
  • Digital solutions in logistics pay off in sustainability and ESG
  • Telematics for better fleet management


Deutsche Telekom and its partner YellowFox are digitizing the Modschiedler Group's fleet and logistics processes. The end-to-end solution includes digital order management and the "YellowFleetApp," which is used to handle transports and plan routes. Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox provide the trucks with connected trackers and provide driver displays for the tractor units. The Modschiedler Group thus saves time, costs, paper and CO2 emissions.

The Modschiedler Group transports prefabricated houses throughout Germany. The trucks have oversize width and height. They require special routes for transport. Until now, support vehicles drove the routes in advance and marked problematic points along the way. For digital logistics, Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox integrate the truck route planner into the order management system. This integrates all passage restrictions and current traffic data when calculating the route. With just one click, it determines the ideal order for tours with multiple destinations. The route planner calculates any toll costs incurred and breaks these down precisely. This gives dispatchers a full overview of route planning and complete cost control. Delays due to restrictions are avoided. Advance trips by support vehicles are no longer necessary.  

Bye-bye paper order, welcome app

"We want to continuously improve our services and meet our customers' expectations. The partnership with Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox helps us to do this. It is a pioneering step toward digitized and sustainable logistics," emphasizes Roland Modschiedler, Managing Director of the Modschiedler Group.

In the future, the Modschiedler Group will process its paper-based transport orders completely digitally. To do this, it uses the "YellowTabPro" driver display in the truck. This is also used for communication via chat between the driver's cab and the office. The dispatchers send the orders to the vehicle. The drivers see all the documents online, including the route and unloading plan. Upon arrival, the recipient signs digitally and the truck driver sets the order to completed in the YellowFleetApp. Dispatchers see the completed order immediately. They don't have to wait for the truck to return.

With the app, companies can additionally

• record working hours and activities,
• easily check the driver's license electronically,
• inform drivers about remaining driving time, shift duration, driving style, or toll costs, and 
• store important information such as contact persons or work instructions in an electronic note box. 

Digital logistics has a positive impact on climate footprint

"Sustainability is an important topic, especially in the logistics industry. At the Modschiedler Group, environmental protection and economic efficiency now go hand in hand: our digital solutions installed in the Modschiedler Group have a positive impact on the carbon footprint and pay off on the Environmental Social Governance rating and supply chain due diligence," confirms Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director Business Telekom Deutschland GmbH. 

Deutsche Telekom and YellowFox provide the Modschiedler Group's trucks with trackers and M2M cards. The abbreviation M2M stands for machine-to-machine communication, that is the automated exchange of data between vehicles or with the central control center. The German logistics company thus receives the telemetry data of its trucks. Using the digital solution, all manual work steps are eliminated: It automatically downloads and provides data from the driver card and mass memory. The tackers with the M2M cards record driving times, locate the truck, store and archive the data, and display fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In this way, drivers' assignments can be better planned, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced, and transports accelerated.

"Focus on what matters - thanks to telematics. This motto is at the beginning of every development at YellowFox. The basic idea behind our solutions is to automate and digitalize administrative processes in companies so that they can concentrate their resources on their respective core business," says Hendrik Scherf, Managing Director of YellowFox GmbH.

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