More choices for faster Internet in northwest Germany 

  • EWE and Deutsche Telekom enable reciprocal use of their existing networks
  • Better utilization of broadband networks will make upgrades cost-effective more quickly
  • 3.5 million households and companies in northwest Germany
Deutsche Telekom and EWE are teaming up to provide faster connections

Deutsche Telekom and EWE are teaming up to provide faster connections

Deutsche Telekom and EWE are teaming up to provide faster connections in Germany's northwest. The two most active companies for VDSL and vectoring upgrades in the region have now agreed to a partnership for reciprocal use of their networks. This will make it possible for both companies to provide more of their own respective customers with fast Internet links. In total, the agreement covers nearly 400 local networks in Lower Saxony, Bremen and parts of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Today, reliable Internet lines with high bandwidths are an important locational advantage. Private households and companies alike increasingly need faster transmission speeds. German companies need solid network infrastructure and fast data transfer speeds to prevail among the global competition. Good broadband infrastructure is also a major factor for individuals who are looking for a place to live. 

"We are very pleased that we've found another partner that will help us advance broadband expansion in Germany," says Niek Jan van Damme, Member of the Board of Management for Germany at Deutsche Telekom. "Sharing infrastructure makes the upgrades more cost-effective for the companies. And the customers benefit from greater choice of provider," van Damme continues.

"The long-term collaboration with Deutsche Telekom is a win for the people in our region," says Michael Heidkamp, Member of the Board of Management and Director of Sales and Marketing at EWE AG. "Together, we will be able to give more people faster Internet connections. The expansion of fast Internet is a task that we at EWE are tackling together with Deutsche Telekom. We are happy that we can now offer superfast Internet lines to our customers who live in areas serviced by Deutsche Telekom," explains Heidkamp.

The reciprocal use of the existing fiber-optic networks will benefit people in Germany's northwest overall, through a wider choice of providers and services. In total, EWE and Deutsche Telekom have a market potential of 3.5 million households and companies that will benefit from the partnership in broadband network links in future. 

Both companies also intend to greatly expand the fiber-optic network in the coming years. EWE has already been awarded government contracts for expansion in six rural counties. "We are a partner to the municipalities for fast Internet here in the region and are helping to ensure that more and more 'gaps' are disappearing from the maps," reports EWE Board member Heidkamp. Deutsche Telekom customers will also benefit from this expansion in future, because EWE will not only be making the subsidized broadband networks available to other interested vendors, but also all of their networks overall. EWE customers can now get transmission speeds of up to 100 megabits per second in regions where Deutsche Telekom has laid fiber-optic cables, thanks to VDSL2 and vectoring. 

With its Zuhause Start rates, Deutsche Telekom offers broadband lines with a voice and Internet flat rate with up to 100 Mbps in areas served primarily by EWE. Deutsche Telekom will launch marketing for the rate plans in the Oldenburg region in August. The other areas will follow in September. The rate packages can be booked at local T-Shops or through the company's hotline (0800 33 06807). Customers will be able to find out whether Zuhause Start is available at their addresses under as soon as the marketing campaign starts.

EWE now also offers transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps in even more areas. The new rate plans can already be booked in all regions. Customers can get comprehensive information about the available broadband speeds under Additional information is available under the free info line, 0800 393 2000, and at local EWE ServicePoints.   

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