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New MagentaMobil rate plans: The best network for the whole family at a more favorable price

  • Save together with Pluskarte – the new additional SIM cards available from Telekom Deutschland.
  • The more PlusKarte SIMs added to the rate plan, the better the price  
  • More data volume for all current 5G rate plans
  • MagentaEINS customers to get double data volume and those on MagentaMobil L plans or higher to enjoy unlimited surfing
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The new MagentaMobil rate plans offer much more data volume and favorably priced additional SIM cards for family and friends © DTAG

Deutsche Telekom is to launch a new rate plan for mobile customers starting July 1, 2022. In a nutshell, the new attractive portfolio will offer more data volume and extra price advantages thanks to additional SIM cards: the MagentaMobil PlusKarte. These new rate plans demonstrate that Deutsche Telekom is ensuring that the “benefit together” philosophy is put into practice. The following principle applies: The more SIM cards added to the main contract, the lower the average price per person.

“We know that our customers expect a lot from our rate plans. More data volume, flexibility, and price advantages for the family are what our customers really want,” explains Torsten Brodt, Head of Mobile Communications at Telekom Deutschland, at the presentation of the new rate plans. “Our new MagentaMobil portfolio will give the customers what they want and bring something new to the German market. It’s not just about more data volume. We’re offering better prices to those who add more of their loved ones to their rate plan. And the cherry on top is that all MagentaEINS customers will benefit from additional data volume.”

The new rate plans in detail 

With the new rate plan portfolio, the main card determines how much data volume each additional card gets. The second card costs only 19.95 euros per month and the monthly price for each card on top of that is 9.95 euros. In addition, the MagentaMobil PlusKarte Kids & Teens for children and young persons aged between 6 and 17 will continue to be available and will always cost 9.95 euros per month. And new: All MagentaMobil PlusKarte SIM cards added to the rate plan will automatically be given the same data volume as the main card.

With its MagentaMobil XS rate plan, Deutsche Telekom is offering a new entry-level rate plan with data volume of 5 GB included. The other rate plans are MagentaMobil S with 10 GB, MagentaMobil M with 20 GB, MagentaMobil L with 40 GB, and MagentaMobil XL with unlimited data volume. As always, all rate plans include a calls and text message flat rate to all German networks and access to Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network. Not only that, existing customers will also benefit: Over 3 million customers with current 5G mobile contracts will be automatically given the extra data volume from July 1 at no extra cost. 

MagentaEINS Vorteil – the advantage that makes the difference

Customers with both fixed-line and mobile contracts at Telekom Deutschland will enjoy several MagentaEINS benefits. Firstly, customers get a monthly discount of 5 euros on their main mobile rate plan. Secondly, they will also receive twice the data volume. This applies to the main card as well as all MagentaMobil PlusKarte SIMs added to the plan. So, even when subscribing to the MagentaMobil XS rate plan, the entire family will receive a whopping 10 GB each. Those on the MagentaMobil S rate plan will receive 20 GB and MagentaMobil M customers will receive an incredible 40 GB each. But that’s not all. The new MagentaEINS advantage for MagentaMobil L subscribers is pretty much unbeatable: customers on this rate plan will be given unlimited data volume throughout Germany. PlusKarte SIM cards with unlimited data volume can also be added to the plan from as little as 9.95 euros per month. 

An unprecedented bargain for the entire family

Using the MagentaMobil S rate plan as an example, it’s possible to see just how attractive it becomes if customers add their loved ones to their plan: Here, two adults and two children will only pay 79.80 euros per month. Four people can thus surf the net with 10 GB of data each for less than 20 euros per month on the best network (CHIP, January 2020 issue). And if the customer benefits from MagentaEINS Vorteil, each card has 20 GB of data volume. 

The rate plans are all available on a 24-month contract or on a monthly rolling contract with no minimum term. It goes without saying that the latest devices can be added to the 24-month contract. There’s also good news for tablet users.  The MagentaMobil PlusKarte Data can also be added to the rate plan for 9.95 euros per month. The data volume included on this card is the same as on the main card.

The new mobile rate plans will be available from July 1, 2022 via customer service, online at, in Telekom shops, and retailers. 

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