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New services for Deutsche Telekom customers

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  • Convenient voice recognition
  • Always know when the technician is coming
  • Better surfing thanks to new Wi-Fi check
  • Get quick answers from a digital assistant
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At the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) trade show held in Berlin from August 31 to September 5, Deutsche Telekom is demonstrating how it is making its service even more customer-friendly.

Deutsche Telekom customers calling the hotline can now be identified by their ‘voice print’ and an online service allows them to see when their technician is coming at any time. A digital assistant, meanwhile, provides quick answers to their questions and they can enjoy even better surfing thanks to a home Wi-Fi check. “We work tirelessly to provide our customers with an impressive service experience. By introducing these new offers, we are making it even easier and more convenient for them to use our products and get in touch with us,” says Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Service Director at Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Simple voice authentication

Ever called a hotline and wished you could confirm your identity quickly and securely just by using your voice? Well, with Deutsche Telekom, you can! Customers don’t have to remember their customer number or password. Those interested in using this innovative service need simply store a recording of their voice print in the system by repeating the German sentence “Bei der Telekom ist meine Stimme mein Passwort” three times (in English: At Deutsche Telekom, my voice is my password). This can be done at any time by ringing the freephone number 0800 0800 358. The call takes less than two minutes. Customers simply need to provide their customer number and password one last time when they register.

On their next call, registered customers must simply recite the sentence mentioned above. In just a few seconds, the caller’s voice is compared with their stored voice sample. If it’s a match, staff are free to access the customer’s file. “As a result, advisors can deal with the customer’s query immediately,” explains Abolhassan. 

Another advantage is that, unlike a password, a voice print cannot be forgotten or guessed by unauthorized individuals. Deutsche Telekom is using a voice biometrics process supported by artificial intelligence (AI) for this new service. Up to 100 characteristic features such as tone, pronunciation and speed make every human voice unique. But it’s a digital pattern of numbers that is stored for the personal profile rather than the customer’s actual voice. This data cannot be used on its own either, to simulate voices or identify specific people.

Customers always know when the technician is coming

Do I have time to pop to the store or will I miss the service technician? The new “Mein Telekom Techniker” (“My Telekom Technician”) online service enables customers to keep a constant eye on when their technician is coming. They receive a link with the estimated time of arrival by text message and can let the company know if their problem has been resolved in the meantime. “‘Mein Telekom Techniker’ boosts customer satisfaction and reduces the number of unnecessary trips made, thereby improving the service and helping save the environment,” says Abolhassan.

 Better surfing thanks to new Wi-Fi check

The new “Mein WLAN” (My WLAN) service ensures all Deutsche Telekom customers can enjoy a perfect surfing experience using their home Wi-Fi connection by enabling them to measure and increase their Wi-Fi range themselves. “A heat map graphic on the customer’s smartphone shows where coverage is good and where it could be boosted,” explains Abolhassan.

In a flash, customers can even check the quality and speed of their Wi-Fi connection. To top it off, this self-service Wi-Fi check offers handy tips and tricks for getting a better internet connection – from moving the router and adjusting the antennae to installing additional repeaters. “Mein WLAN” is a free function on the DSL-Hilfe app and is available for iOS and Android.

Get quick answers from a digital assistant

Customers want quick help round the clock. That’s not a problem at Deutsche Telekom, as its digital assistant is now even smarter with the help of AI. Previously, the chatbot gave quick and reliable answers to questions about telephony, internet and TV faults. But this digital assistant has since improved its ability to interact with humans and can help with so much more, answering customer queries about bills, roaming, Wi-Fi, setting up email accounts, and SIM cards.

“Our digital assistant provides customers with quick answers, reducing workload for our hotline staff so they can dedicate more time to more complicated queries,” says Abolhassan. If a customer isn’t happy with how their issue has been dealt with, they can continue the chat with a staff member. The service bot hands over the chat log to the customer advisor, who can immediately see what the situation is.

Customers can interact with the digital assistant via the Deutsche Telekom website or the MeinMagenta app. There are also plans to integrate the chatbot into MagentaSpeaker, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and the Deutsche Telekom hotline in the near future.

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Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from August 31 until September 5 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral – all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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