Lisa Machnig


Deutsche Telekom launches its new StreamOn campaign with Justin Bieber

  • Pop star working with Telekom for the first time
  • The campaign is to generate interest in unlimited music and video streaming
  • The Deutsche Telekom advert consciously sets itself apart from the classic Christmas advert

"Your music is now always at your side." That is the slogan under which Deutsche Telekom is set to launch its advertising campaign for its highly successful StreamOn offering, with help from international mega-star – Justin Bieber. Deutsche Telekom is working with the global pop star to showcase the features of StreamOn perfectly. These features include unlimited music and video streaming without having to use up your mobile data volume.

“StreamOn is a cool new product that allows fans to listen to their favorite music non-stop, and as an artist I’m always looking to provide new and better listening experiences for my fans," said Justin Bieber.  

The star's collaboration with Deutsche Telekom is a German premiere – one that's going to get plenty of attention from more than just the fans. The spot shows a young woman with a smartphone and wearing headphones. But when she pushes the play button what comes out is a lot more than just Justin Bieber’s new song. Her favorite singer materializes right beside her and sings just for her – on the bus, while she's out shopping, studying in the library, even as she sits to eat with her family. Her favorite song simply plays everywhere – non-stop.

"We've set ourselves apart from the look and feel of the classic Christmas advert in the new campaign. This year we'll won't be using any Christmas clichés. Instead we'll be putting our trust in the emotional power of storytelling, together with an attention-grabbing top star with a close affinity to the product," says Michael Schuld, SVP for Communication & Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. 

The broadly based communication campaign will be launched on November 20, 2017, and will be pitched via a range of advertising media on TV, online and in print, as well as at points of sale.


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