No lost vaccine doses: The Internet of Things ensures cooled vaccine

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  • Telekom's vaccination line uses IoT for optimally cooled vaccine doses. 
  • Sensors monitor the cooling temperature and trigger an alarm 
  • Telekom and ISS Facility Services cooperate on vaccination lines
Shot and vaccination center.

Cooled vaccines: Sensors determine temperature values of the refrigerators and transmit them to Telekom's Cloud of Things.

Telekom employees can get the important shot needed to combat the pandemic at 87 vaccination centers across Germany. For this, the vaccine for the vaccination lines is monitored around the clock. Sensors measure the temperature of the refrigerators. A fault reporting center of the building service provider monitors the vaccine doses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Internet of Things (IoT) solution for intelligent building management supports this. 

Vaccine alarm when refrigeration temperature deviates

Vaccines against coronavirus have special requirements for the temperatures at which they are stored, transported or even kept in the refrigerator for the upcoming vaccination. If the cooling temperature is not right, the sensitive vaccines may no longer be able to be used and have to be destroyed. Together with Deutsche Telekom IoT, ISS Facility Services, Telekom's building services provider, has developed the solution for intelligent building management. Now it is being used to monitor refrigerated vaccines. Sensors determine temperature values of the refrigerators and transmit them to Telekom's Cloud of Things. The sensors and data are managed there. For optimal integration of the data into its own systems, ISS receives the data from the Cloud of Things as raw data - continuously and in real time. Minimum and maximum values as well as the average are determined. The solution triggers an alarm in the reporting center when the defined temperature range is exceeded. The same applies if the refrigerator door remains open or a sensor fails. Employees can intervene immediately. 

"We are using the Internet of Things with sensors, connectivity and a platform developed together with Telekom as a central control element for the buildings we manage. We have managed to use the platform to monitor the refrigerators and thus support the success of the vaccination campaign," says Ingo Hüttemeyer, IoT lead at ISS Facility Services.

Christof Groß from Telekom's Health and Safety unit adds: "Vaccinations against Corona require a much greater logistical effort than flu vaccinations. It's about setting up vaccination centers, supply chains and storage facilities for vaccines. IoT technology ensures that BAD workplace doctors can easily check that the vaccine is continuously cooled before vaccination. The vaccination lines at Telekom help get as many people vaccinated and as quickly as possible."

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Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG.

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